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Sue Glover: Solo

Sue Glover: Solo (DJM Records DJLPS 469)

Sue Glover (b. Yvonne Weetman)

DJM Records DJLPS 469 (LP, UK, 1976)

Produced by John Glover for Oak Records Limited;
Orchestral arrangements: Keith Mansfield;
Cover design and photography: Ray Gautier and Dick Polak


Sue Glover: vocals;
Eddie Baird (of Amazing Blondel);
Tony Braunagel: drums;
John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick: keyboards;
The Chanter Sisters (Doreen and Irene Chanter): vocals;
Mick Feat: bass;
Paul Kossoff (of Free): guitar;
Sunny Leslie (b. Heather Weetman): vocals;
Dave Mattacks: drums;
Terry Wilson: bass;
Tony Williams: drums


Side 1

  1. Solo
  2. Beautiful Freedom
  3. Three Days and a Little Rain
  4. Rushdown
  5. Watching You, Watching Me, Watching You
  6. Don’t Look Behind

Side 2

  1. Fisherman
  2. As You Closed the Door
  3. The Pie
  4. So Remember
  5. Trip Along
  6. Autumn

All tracks written by Sue Glover except
Track 1 Sandy Denny;
Tracks 5, 11 Sue Glover, Sunny Leslie;
Track 6 Yvonne Weetman;
Track 7 Joe Brownes, David Hines;
Track 9 Ian Sutherland;
Track 10 Yvonne and Heather Weetman