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Strange Folk: Unhand Me, You Bearded Loon!

Strange Folk: Unhand Me, You Bearded Loon! (Fellside FE069)

Unhand Me, You Bearded Loon!
Strange Folk

Fellside Recordings FE069 (LP, UK, 1988)

Recorded and produced by Paul Adams in March 1988;
Artwork, design and notes by Mike Gavin and Mike Willoughby;
Photography by David Pearson


Mike Gavin: vocals, Japanese harp, bowed & plucked tea-chest bass;
Mike Willoughby: vocals, harmonicas, guitar, whistle, kitchen-staves, drum


Side 1

  1. The Jolly Hamgman / Shoot the Hippy
  2. The Badger and the Bird
  3. Meg Murphy’s Sons
  4. Midnight in Preston
  5. The Potting Shed Polka / Polka Piquée
  6. The Rats of the 40
  7. Bitts Park Polka

Side 2

  1. The Frozen Ponds
  2. The Langdale Gang
  3. The Upland Geese / Benbecula Hornpipe
  4. The Fields and the Glen
  5. Whitewater Dash
  6. Face the Day / The Wynlass Jig

All tracks written by Strange Folk except
Track 2 Strange Folk, Rob March;
Track 5 trad.;
Track 6 Strange Folk, trad.

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