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Srideag: Spit on the Fire

Srideag: Spit on the Fire

Spit on the Fire

Panhagerty PAN 016 (CD, UK, date unknown)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Panhagerty's Studio, Pegswood by Ian M. Anderson
Produced by 'Ohfolk' Music, Pegswood

Note: Gaelic “srideag” means either “spark from a flame” (trad. Scottish) or “spit on the fire” (trad. Irish).


Jen Williams, vocals, percussion;
Jim Lewis, 6 and 12 string guitar;
Ian Glendinning, 6 string guitar, additional vocals;
Bill Pikett, whistles, recorders, backing vocals


  1. Slip Jigs and Reels [Steve Tilston]
  2. Crazy Man Michael [Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick]
  3. Star of the County Down [trad.]
  4. Summertime [George Gershwin]
  5. No Mans Land [Eric Bogle]
  6. Sailing Boat [Anna Ryder]
  7. Bonny Dundee [trad.]
  8. It's All Over Now [Srideag]
  9. The Shearings [trad.]
  10. Heroes [Ian M. Anderson]
  11. Who Knows Where the Time Goes [Sandy Denny]


Thanks to Kale Bas for the information.