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Songs of Separation

Songs of Separation: Songs of Separation (Navigator NAVIGATOR094)

Songs of Separation
Songs of Separation

Navigator Records NAVIGATOR094 (CD, UK, 29 January 2016)

Echo Mocks the Corncrake / It Was A’ for Our Rightfu’ King
Songs of Separation

Navigator Records (digital download single, UK, 20 November 2015)

Songs of Separation: Echo Mocks the Corncrake (Navigator)

Songs of Separation conceived and managed by Jenny Hill;
Produced by Jenny Hill and Andy Bell;
Recorded by Andy Bell at Eigg Studio, Isle of Eigg;
Mixed by Andy Bell;
Mastered by Nick Cooke;
Photography by Greg Carr (landscape) and Ben Carmack (group photo);
Isle of Eigg illustration by Thomas Leslie


Hazel Askew: lead vocals [8], vocals, flute, harp, melodeon;
Jenn Butterworth: vocals, guitar;
Eliza Carthy: lead vocals [6, 11], vocals, fiddle, Indian harmonium, percussion;
Hannah James: lead vocals [3], vocal, percussion, piano accordion;
Jenny Hill: double bass, backing vocals;
Mary Macmaster: lead vocals [4-5], vocals, clarsach, wire harp;
Karine Polwart: lead vocals [1, 7, 11-12], vocals, Indian harmonium, percussion, tenor guitar;
Hannah Read: lead vocals [2], vocals, fiddle, guitar [2];
Rowan Rheingans: lead vocals [10], vocals, banjo, fiddle, percussion, viola;
Kate Young: lead vocals [9], vocals, fiddle


  1. Echo Mocks the Corncrake (Roud 2736; G/D 5:945; Henry H18b) (3.42)
  2. It Was A’ for Our Rightfu’ King (Roud 5789) (3.13)
  3. Poor Man’s Lamentation (4.16)
  4. ’S trom an direadh (Sad the Climbing) (3.07)
  5. ’S muladach mi ’s mi air m’aineoil (Sad Am I and in a Strange Place) (5.48)
  6. Cleaning the Stones (5.40)
  7. Unst Boat Song (2.27)
  8. London Lights (Roud 18815) (5.22)
  9. Sea King (6.28)
  10. Soil and Soul (4.53)
  11. Over the Border: The Withering / Flowers of the Forest / Blue Bonnets Over the Border / Hope Lies Over the Border (5.39)
  12. Road Less Travelled (5.20)

Tracks 1, 4-5, 7-8, 11c trad.;
Track 2 words Robert Burns, music Hannah Read;
Track 3 words Uriahs Smart, music Hannah James;
Track 5 Eiggy Bread tune by Kate Young;
Track 6 Eliza Carthy;
Track 9 words Adam Oehlenschläger, Kate Young, music Kate Young;
Track 10 Rowan Rheingans;
Track 11a Mary Macmaster;
Track 11b words Jean Elliot, Frederic William Moorman, music trad.;
Track 11d Hazel Askew, Karine Polwart, Rowan Rheingans;
Track 12 words Karine Polwart, music Rowan Rheingans



Songs of Separation review by Peter Taranski