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The Rockytops: Life Can Be Beautiful

The Rockytops: Life Can Be Beautiful (Fellside FE015)

Life Can Be Beautiful
The Rockytops

Fellside Recordings FE015 (LP, UK, 1978)

Recorded at Bird Sound Studios, Fellside Recordings, August/September 1978;
Engineered by Stephen Riddel and Paul Adams;
Produced by Paul Adams;
Front cover illustration by David Winder;
Layout by Mary Blood


Malcolm Heslop: lead vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar;
Glenn Bolton: lead guitar, acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, lead vocals [8];
Kevin Miller: bass guitar, lead vocals [3], harmony vocals;
John Clark: drums, harmony vocals,
Derrick Hawkins: pedal steel guitar

Peter Major: keyboards, flute, harmony vocals;
Linda Adams: harmony vocals [8]


Side 1

  1. Virginia
  2. Together Again
  3. Love Me Tonight
  4. Life Can Be Beautiful
  5. She Can’t Read My Writing
  6. Bandy, the Rodeo Clown

Side 2

  1. Fire on the Mountain
  2. Amazin’ Grace (Used to Be Her Favourite Song)
  3. Love Couldn’t Be Any Better
  4. The Entertainer
  5. Silver Wings
  6. Moving On

Track 2 Buck Owens;
Tracks 3, 5 Justin Tubb;
Track 4 Jerry Foster, Bill Rice;
Track 6 Sanger D. “Whitey” Shafer, Lefty Frizzel;
Track 7 anon.
Track 8 Todd Smith;
Track 9 Johnny Paycheck;
Track 10 Scott Joplin;
Tracks 11-12 Merle Haggard