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Under Beacon’s Brow

Robbie Ellis: Under Beacon’s Brow (Fellside FE008)

Under Beacon’s Brow
Robbie Ellis

Fellside Recordings FE008 (LP, UK, 1977)

Recorded by Paul Adams in October 1977;
Produced by Paul Adams and Robbie Ellis;
Sleeve design by Mary Blood


Robbie Ellis: lead and harmony vocals, guitar, violin, harmonica, percussion


Side 1

  1. The Lady of the Flowers
  2. Lammerside
  3. Book of Life
  4. House Price Song
  5. Dunmail
  6. Colour in My Mind

Side 2

  1. Two Seasons
  2. Haystacks
  3. Penrith
  4. Moonlight at My Feet
  5. Photograph
  6. Just for a Moment

All tracks written and arranged by Robbie Ellis

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