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Under Beacon's Brow

Robbie Ellis: Under Beacon's Brow (Fellside FE008)

Under Beacon's Brow
Robbie Ellis

Fellside Recordings FE008 (LP, UK, 1977)

Recorded by Paul Adams in October 1977;
Produced by Paul Adams and Robbie Ellis;
Sleeve design by Mary Blood


Robbie Ellis, lead and harmony vocals, guitar, violin, harmonica, percussion


Side 1Side 2
  1. The Lady of the Flowers
  2. Lammerside
  3. Book of Life
  4. House Price Song
  5. Dunmail
  6. Colour in My Mind
  1. Two Seasons
  2. Haystacks
  3. Penrith
  4. Moonlight at My Feet
  5. Photograph
  6. Just for a Moment

All tracks written and arranged by Robbie Ellis