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Refuweegee: Flight

Refuweegee: Flight (Refuweegee)

Various Artists

Refuweegee (CD, UK, 15 June 2016)

Refuweegee is a Glasgow-based project that delivers ‘letters to the locals’ to newly arrived refugeees and asylum seekers as part of welcome packs, which also include reply envelopes. The songs on this album have been written in response to these unique, funny, thoughtful and heartwarming letters.

All profits from the sale of this CD (available from Bandcamp) will go to Refuweegee.

Recorded by Danny Mitchell at Carlton Studios;
Mixed by Ross Clark;
Open Arms recorded and mixed by Andrew Howie;
Mastered by Nathan at Matrix Audio;
Backing vocals and additional instrumentation by the other artists;
Artwork by Gabi Frödén;
CD layout by Gordy at Easy Multi Media.


  1. Ross Clark: I Will Follow (3.31)
  2. Lucy Cathcart Frödén: Draw Me a City (5.00)
  3. Andrew Howie: Open Arms (3.17)
  4. Nicolette Macleod: Human Call (3.46)
  5. Kim Edgar: Sunlight in Everyone (3.04)
  6. Ross Clark and Donna Maciocia: Committed to Walk (4.23)
  7. Dave Frazer: As Waves Start to Break (2.42)