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Poachers Pocket: Fair Game

Poachers Pocket: Fair Game (WildGoose WGS267CD)

Fair Game
Poachers Pocket

WildGoose Studios WGS267CD (CD, UK, 1996)

Traditional and new, tunes and songs in the English style

Recorded and produced by Doug Bailey at WildGoose Studios, May Cottage, Wherwell, Hampshire, in 1994;
Cover photo of ‘Stinker’ Wood by his mum;
Backliner drawing by Fran Wood


Penny Hicks: mandolin, guitar, vocals, hands;
Ian Holland: electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, vocals, stomach;
Katy Holland: vocals, thighs, stool;
Ann Stonehouse: fiddle, thighs, stool;
Lesley Weston: percussion;
Simon Weston: button accordion, concertina;
Fran Wood: vocals, whistles, crumhorn, hands


  1. Around the World for Sport (3.16)
  2. Luck of the Draw (4.33)
  3. Captain Campbell (4.10)
  4. I Know My Love (Roud 60; Laws P25) (3.05)
  5. Salmon Tales (3.30)
  6. My Love’s an Arbutus (2.19)
  7. A Man Is in Love (3.56)
  8. A Heart Like a Wheel (4.38)
  9. Margaret’s Waltz (4.36)
  10. Do You Love an Apple? (Roud 654; TYG 33) (4.03)
  11. Star Above the Garter (2.59)
  12. Three Pretty Maids (3.05)
  13. Dancing Bear (3.46)

Track 2 Paul Brady;
Track 8 Anna McGarrigle