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Pleasant and Delightful Vol. 2

Pleasand and Delightful Vol. 2 (Living Folk F-LFR 2)

Pleasant and Delightful Vol. 2
A Garland of Traditional Folk Songs & Ballads
Various Artists

Living Folk Records F-LFR-2 (LP, USA, 1972)

Produced by Peter Johnson for Living Folk, Cambridge, Mass.;
Recorded by Stephen Fassett;
Sleeve notes by Linda Morley;
Calligraphy by Janet Kelley,
Cover design by David Omar White


Side 1

  1. Rick and Lorraine Lee and Tom Hayes: East Virginia (Roud 3396)
  2. Peter Marston: The Coast of Peru (Roud 1997; Laws D26)
  3. Janet Kelley: Rambleaway (Roud 171; G/D 7:1485)
  4. Helen Schneyer: The Whale Catchers (Roud 3291)
  5. The Mother Bay State Entertainers: Pretty Polly (Roud 15; Laws P36B)
  6. Grania King: The Bold Dragoon (Roud 321; Laws M27)

Side 2

  1. Margaret MacArthur: Dear Companion (Roud 411)
  2. John Shaw: Gaelic Mouth Music
  3. Mike Whellans: The Burning o’ Auchendoun (Roud 4010; Child 183) / Aly Bain: The Coolies Irish reel
  4. Mary Rhoads: Few Days
  5. Steve Thornton, Jack White: The Rocks of Bawn (Roud 3024; Henry H139)
  6. John Roberts and Tony Barrand: The Cutty Wren (Roud 236)