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Phil Hare: Living on Credit

Phil Hare: Living on Credit (Fellside FE077)

Living on Credit
Phil Hare

Fellside Recordings FE077 (LP, UK, 1990)

Recorded January 1990 at Fellside by Paul Adams and Graham Bell;
Produced by Paul Adams;
Sleeve photos by Mick Penney of Chester;
Concept by Phil Hare and Paul Adams;
Artwork by Mary Blood


Phil Hare: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals;
Alun Rhys Jones: piano accordion, tin whistle, harmony vocals;
Chris Lee: fretless bass, percussion;
Dave Russell: fiddle;
Paul Adams: percussion;
Bram Taylor: harmony vocals


Side 1

  1. Closed for Business (3.15)
  2. All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go (3.44)
  3. Living on Credit (3.51)
  4. Fanny Power / Planxty Johnson instrumental (3.05)
  5. Ill Wind (5.50)
  6. Community Charge Song (3.09)

Side 2

  1. They’ve Come to Take Our Town Away (2.15)
  2. Johnny Don’t Go (3.50)
  3. All Things Are Quite Silent (Roud 2532) (3.18)
  4. a) Strong in the Sun (2.34)
    b) Commoners Ballad (3.14)
    c) Lest We Forget (4.43)
  5. The West Wind instrumental (2.15)

All tracks written by Phil Hare except
Track 4a Turlough O’Carolan;
Track 4b, 11 trad.;
Track 9 trad. adapted Phil Hare;
Track 10a Leo O’Kelly;
Track 10c Alun Rhys Jones

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