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Ballad of Crows: Ballad of Crows

Ballad of Crows: Ballad of Crows

Ballad of Crows
Ballad of Crows

Ballad of Crows (CD, UK, 2013)

Produced by Ballad of Crows;
Recorded by Salossi at Helga’s Place in 23 May-3 June and 25-30 August 2013;
Additional recording by Jonny Hardie at House of Newe, Pete Coutts, Graham Coe and Chris Hall;
Mixed and mastered by Jürgen Treyz at Artes Musikproduktion;
Original artwork by Esther Green;
Design and layout by Prem Reynolds

Folkradio UK review by Mike Davies


Steve Crawford: guitar, vocals;
Pete Coutts: mandolin, backing vocals;
Sascha ‘Salossi’ Loss: sansula [1], guitar [2, 4-5, 10], guitalele [3], fiddle [7, 9], upright bass [2-3, 7, 9-10], backing vocals [2-6, 9-10]

Jonny Hardie: fiddle [2, 10];
Ali Hutton: whistle [3];
Fabio Nettekoven: slide guitar [6];
Chris Hall: cajun accordion [7];
Graham Coe: cello [8];
Gerry Kelly: banjo [9-10]


  1. Closing Eyes (2.47)
  2. Empty Skies (4.00)
  3. The Buddha Song (3.35)
  4. Unburden Love (3.31)
  5. Brother Wind (5.56)
  6. Hard and Heavy Rain (3.36)
  7. Pink Flamingo (3.37)
  8. Waiting for Return (3.34)
  9. American Girl (3.14)
  10. Gravitiy’s Footsteps (6.10)

Track 1 Davy Cattanach, Annie Campbell;
Tracks 2, 4, 8 Steve Crawford, Davy Cattanach;
Track 3 Davy Cattanach;
Track 5 Tim O’Brien;
Track 6 Steve Crawford;
Track 7 Davy Cattanach, Pete Coutts;
Track 9 Tom Petty;
Track 10 Steve Crawford, Davy Cattanach, Pete Coutts


Thanks to Pete Coutts for sending me a copy of this CD

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Pete Coutts: Northern Sky

Pete Coutts: Northern Sky (Fitlike FITLIKE012)

Northern Sky
Pete Coutts

Fitlike Records FITLIKE012 (CD, UK, 4 October 2016)

Produced by Pete Coutts;
Recorded by Jonny Hardie at Studio 1604 and Salossi at Salossi Recordings;
Additional recording by Michi Hendrix, Brian McAlpine and Martin O’Neill;
Mixed and mastered by Jürgen Treyz, Artes Musikproduktion;
Photography by Anne & Rhiannon Campbell


Pete Coutts: mandolin, guitar, vocals;
Ali Hutton: whistles, pipes, guitar, electric guitar;
Jonny Hardie: fiddle;
Brian McAlpine: accordion;
Martin O’Neill: bodhrán;
Jenny Sturgeon: backing vocals [2];
Steve Crawford: guitar [3];
Ross Ainslie: cittern [4];
Sascha ‘Salossi’ Loss: fiddle [4];
Graham Coe: cello [5]


  1. Allathumpach (3.47)
  2. Sail & Oar (3.39)
  3. In & Oot (3.29)
  4. Casting the Peat (2.27)
  5. Villa Rosa (3.40)
  6. Belhelvie (3.47)
  7. Boink! (3.27)
  8. Northern Sky (4.11)
  9. Under the Table (3.46)
  10. Will Ye Byde (3.39)
  11. Strichen Gala / The Road to Aikey Brae (4.12)

All tracks written by Pete Coutts except
Track 2 Jenny Sturgeon, Pete Coutts;
Track 6 contains the tune Son Ar Rost by Henri Leon;
Track 8 Nick Drake

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