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Out of the Darkness

Various Artists: Out of the Darkness (Fire on the Mountain 4001)

Out of the Darkness
Songs for Survival
Various Artists

Fire on the Mountain 4001 (LP, US, 1984)

A fundraiser album for an anti-nuclear campaign

Produced by Linn Shapiro and Robbie Osman;
Recorded in San Francisco in October 1983;
Cover by Daniel Joshua Goldstein;
Typesetting by Candace Coar;
Calligraphy by Sandy Diamond;
Layout by Nicki Hansen;
Design by Nancy Guinn


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Side 1

  1. Pete Seeger: Old Man Atom [Vern Partlow] (2.26)
  2. Kate Wolf: The Sun Is Burning [Ian Campbell] (5.03)
  3. Holly Near: No More Genocide [Holly Near] (4.00)
  4. Don Lange: Take the Children and Run [Don Lange] (4.44)
  5. Cris Williamson: Power [John and Johanna Hall] (4.28)

Side 2

  1. Charlie King: Acceptable Risks [Charlie King] (5.05)
  2. Jesse Colin Young: Chain Reaction [Jesse Colin Young, Jeff Labes] (5.26)
  3. Dick Gaughan: As I Walked on the Road [Jim Brown] (4.00)
  4. Sweet Honey in the Rock: Study War No More (Roud 11886) (4.55)