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Night Fall

Night Fall: Night Watch

The Night Watch
The Night Watch

private issue (EP, UK, 27 February 2016)

Night Fall
Night Fall

private issue (DL, UK, 1 July 2016)

The Night Watch: The Night Watch


Kate Locksley: vocals, shruti box;
Kevin Lees: fiddle;
Dave Wood: guitar, bouzouki


  1. Ratcliffe Highway (Roud 598) / Baltimore Beginners (5.12)
  2. Robin Hood and the Pedlar (Roud 333; Child 132) / Laridé à Six Temps (4.15)
  3. All Amongst the Barley (Roud 1283) (3.59)
  4. Cape Breton Tune / The Rambler / Wissahickon Drive (3.36)
  5. Newry Town (Roud 490; Laws L12; G/D 2:260; Henry H691) / Rusty Gulley (3.47)
  6. Dying Sailor to His Shipmates / Primrose Lass (6.40)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1b Mike McGoldrick;
Track 4b Father Harney;
Track 4c Liz Carroll;
Track 6a music Paul Clayton

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