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Nancy Whiskey Sings

Nancy Whiskey: Nancy Whiskey Sings (Topic 7T10)

Nancy Whiskey Sings
Nancy Whiskey (Anne Alexandra Young Wilson, 1935-2003)

Topic Records 7T10 (7" EP, UK, 1957)

Sleeve design by John Hunter


Nancy Whiskey: vocals, guitar


Side 1

  1. An Old Man Came A-Courting (Roud 210)
  2. Bonny Lad (Child ???)
  3. The Bold Fenian Men (Roud 9266)

Side 2

  1. Poor Little Turtle Dove (Roud 422)
  2. The Trooper and the Maid (Roud 162; Child 299; G/D 7:1470)
  3. The Farewell Song

Sleeve Notes

No reference will be found to the name of Whiskey in the baptismal records of Nancy’s native Glasgow. The name was given to her by the skiffle audiences of London, when they tried to identify the lass who had sung The Calton Weaver with its chorus of “Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey”, in such a fetching manner.

Nancy had headed south to find fame, having a charming voice, a pleasant personality, a number of Scots traditional songs and a guitar to back her claim. She was soon sought after to appear at the many skiffle clubs that were springing up, and her guest spots had the character of the still, small voice after the storm of Don’t You Rock Me Daffy Oh’s and Pick a Bale of Cotton’s that made up the remainder of the club’s programmes.

Simplicity and sincerity is Nancy’s way with a song. Whether she be singing a lengthy ballad from the great Child collection like Bonny Lad, or with a wink in the voice in An Old Man Came A-Courting and The Trooper and the Maid.