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Music of the Tatar People

Music of the Tatar People (Topic TSCD912)

Music of the Tatar People
Field recordings by Lazlo Vikar

Topic Records TSCD912 (CD, UK, 1995)

Released under licence from Tangent Records (1978);
Recordings and notes by Lazlo Vikar

Produced by the U.K. Committe of the International Folk Music Council as a tribute to the memory of Dr Maud Karpeles, founder and honorary preident of the I.F.M.C. Her enthusiasm and affection for music of the Tatar people was the inspiration for the production of this record.

For over a thousand years the Central-Volga region has been a meeting place of peoples. Finno-Ugrians from the North first settled there, followed thereafter by Turkish-speaking groups from the East. Later Slavs migrating from the West arrived and took possession of this territory. The multilingual community carefully guarded its extraordinay rich traditions throughout the passing centuries. In time, part of their ancient civilisation eroded away, but much of the old culture can still be found there today.

Situated between Moscow and the Ural Mountains in an area app. 600 km wide and distributed among five independent republics of the Central-Volga region, the Tatars undoubtedly play the leading role. As compared to the neighbouring Bashkir, Chuvash, Cheremis, Mordvine and Votyak peoples, the Tatars are the greatest in number with a population surpassing five millions. For the most part they farm and raise animals. Kazan, which lies on the banks of the Volga, is their capital and for centuries has been the region’s intellectual and economic centre. The music of the entire Central-Volga region is best understood through investigation of Tatar traditions.


  1. S.A. Arkhipova (74, from Staronadirovo): Ay, bolin su, kuaklar (Hey, River in the Meadow) (1.05)
  2. F.P. Kalilina (69, Yudashevo): Beyekkay da tawularnin baslarina (On the Peak of Mount Beyekkay) (2.13)
  3. F.G. Murtazina (68, Nizynye Macharove): Sandugacim balakaysin (Nightingale You Are So Tiny) (0.52)
  4. A.K. Yemelyanova (65, Yuldashevo): Altinnar da mikan na, ay, ilebez? (Is Your Birth-Place Gold?) (1.33)
  5. Z.A. Akhmadiyev (43, Dyurtyuli) kuray (long flute): Sarli urman (Murmuring Forest) (2.16)
  6. F.P. Kalilina (69, Yudashevo): Altinkay da cirkaular janadir (The Golden Temples Are Burning) (1.21)
  7. D.Y. Garayev (68, Staro Kurochevo): Kitkan cakta (When We Go Away) (1.19)
  8. S.D. Chukayev (60, Novo Ilekovo): Jirlarga da kussan no min jirlarmin (If You Sing With Me, I Will Sing Too) (1.03)
  9. N.I.Garayev (69, Novo Kutova): Hawalarda ockan, ay, kaz mikan? (What Soars Through the Air, Is It a Wild Goose?) (2.19)
  10. M.S. Galiulina (64, Novo Kutovo): Sarman buykalari tugay-tugay (The Banks of the Saman Are Twisting) (1.59)
  11. Z.K. Salikhove (47, Chuy-Atasevo): Samarifkay digan, ay, kalada (In the City, Hey, Named Samsarif) (1.45)
  12. M.I. Sagitov (67, Isanbayevo): Jibarayek jirlap, kitsen cin rap (Let Us Sing and Let It Ring) (3.09)
  13. M.M. Khalikov (67, Kushtiryakovo): Ik buylarina, ay, tosarbez (Let Us Go Down to the Banks of the Ik) (2.06)
  14. A.A. Nikitina (53), N.N. Kuzmina (50) (Noviye Balikli): Sonekay buylarina tosarlarga (Going Down to the Banks of the Sonekay) (1.58)
  15. A.G. Alchinov (60), Y.I. Kheinikova (61) /Buzyurovo): Idas burylarina tosarlarga (Going Down to the Banks of the Idas) (1.55)
  16. M.I. Islamgaliyev (73, Karalachuk): Yeget bulsan jirday bul (If You Are a Young Man, Then Be Like the Earth) (0.57)
  17. S.K. Khusnutdyinov (63, Nizhnye Mancharove): Mendam biyek taw baska la (I Climbed to the Peak of the High Mountain) (1.48)
  18. A.L. Lotfullina (45, Starobayshevo): Ay, uragin sallp in basina (Hey, With a Sickle on My Shoulder) (1.38)
  19. Z.G. Galiyewa (65, Tamyanovo): Ay, jihan, min, ay janmas idem (Hey, World, Hey, I Won’t Burn Out) (2.02)
  20. M.S. Khasanov (63, Imyanylekul): “Sarman” and “Apipa” violin dance melodies (2.58)
  21. S.K. Khusnutdyinov (63, Nizhnye Mancharove): Sarman buykaylari, au, kin alan (On the Banks of the Sarman, Hey, There Is a Wide Clearing) (2.46)
  22. T.F. Biktimirov (69, Rapatovo): Jankaj-janes kitte, ay, sunarga (My Sweetheart Went Away, Hey, to Hunt) (1.29)
  23. G.S. Sayfutdinov (80, Novo Baltachevo): Karcigalar hara, muyini ala (The Hawk Is Black, It’s Neck Is Spotted) (2.47)
  24. A.K. Garifyanova (71, Ilishevo): Agidelkay alkin, sul salkin (Cold Are the Swift-Flowing Waters of the Byelaya) (1.43)
  25. F.L. Yagafarova (70, Imyanylekul): Jibarayek jirlap, kitsen sin rap (Let Us Sing and Let It Ring) (1.21)