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Mike Oldfield: Incantations

Mike Oldfield: Incantations (Virgin CDVDT 101)

Mike Oldfield

Virgin VDT 101 (2 LP, UK, 1978)
Virgin CDVDT 101 (CD, UK, 1985) (omits 4 mins on Part Three)
Virgin CDVDT 101 (CD, UK, 1991)

Produced by Mike Oldfield;
Recorded at Througham Dec 1977 - Sept 1978

Extract from Hiawatha by Longfellow
Hymn To Diana by Ben Jonson


Mike Oldfield: all instruments except:
Mike Laird: trumpet;
Pierre Moerlin: drums, vibraphones on track 4;
Maddy Prior, Sally Oldfield: vocals;
Sebastian Bell: flutes;
Terry Oldfield: flutes;
Jabula: african drums;
The Queen’s College Girls Choir, conducted by David Bedford


  1. Incantations Part One (19.05)
  2. Incantations Part Two (19.34)
  3. Incantations Part Three (16.59; 13.49 on first CD version)
  4. Incantations Part Four (16.59)