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Songs from the Irish Tradition

Mary Ann Carolan: Songs from the Irish Tradition (Topic 12TS362)

Songs from the Irish Tradition
Mary Ann Carolan (1929-1993)

Topic Records 12TS362 (LP, UK, 1982)
Topic Records TSDL362 (digital download, UK, June 2010)

Recorded by Roly Brown in the singer's home, Hill o' Rath, Co. Louth, 1978;
Produced by Roly Brown and Tony Engle;
Sleeve design by Tony Engle;
Notes by Sean Corcoran


Mary Ann Carolan, vocals


Side 1Side 2
  1. Bold Doherty (Roud 2992) (3.09)
  2. The Maid of Ballymore (Roud 2991) (3.47)
  3. Bob Ridley (Roud 753) (1.51)
  4. The Old Oak Tree (Roud 569; Laws P37; Henry H207) (6.12)
  5. The Tinker’s Old Budget (Roud 2993) (3.13)
  6. The Bonny Light Horseman (Roud 1185; G/D 8:1584; Henry H122a) (3.15)
  1. In London So Fair (Roud 2989; G/D 1:178; Henry H203) (5.08)
  2. My Father's a Hedger and Ditcher (Roud 846; G/D 7:1385) (1.09)
  3. Highland Mary (Roud 820; Laws O34; G/D 6:1249) (8.14)
  4. The Wedding at Baltray (Roud 2990) (8.08)

All tracks trad.

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