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macAlias: Highwired

macAlias: Highwired (Greentrax CDTRAX199)


Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX199 (CD, UK, 15 August 2000)

Produced by Rab Noakes of Neon Productions;
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland, Scotland;
Engineered by Stuart Hamilton;
Additional recording by Geoff Allan at Ca Va Studios, Glasgow, Scotland;
Photographers: Douglas Gibb, Mac the Taxi, Gill Bowman;
Sleeve design by macAlias


Gill Bowman, Karine Polwart: vocals, acoustic guitar;
Duncan Chisholm: fiddle;
Colin Macfarlane: banjo, lapslide, mandolin, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards;
Jim McDermott: drums;
Rab Noakes: acoustic and octave guitar;
David Paton: bass guitar;
Fraser Speirs: harmonica;
David Vernon: accordion


  1. All the Way Back Home (2.47)
  2. Wild West Romance (4.15)
  3. The Gowden Locks of Anna (Roud V5719) (3.55)
  4. The Rantin’ Dog (Roud V5348) / The De’il’s Awa Wi’ the Exciseman (Roud 16787) (3.54)
  5. I Don’t Think She Will Stay (2.49)
  6. The Violet and the Rose (3.59)
  7. Gin I Were a Blackbird (3.08)
  8. Polwart on the Green (Roud 8407) (1.54)
  9. Winter Sun (4.08)
  10. Take Me in Your Arms (3.05)
  11. John C. Clarke (The Gasman Song) (3.06)
  12. The Moon Above the Rooftops (4.18)
  13. Fine Floo’ers in the Valley (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225; Henry H163) / Bonny at Morn (Roud 3064) (4.12)

Tracks 1, 10-11 Karine Polwart;
Track 2 words Gill Bowman, music Wendy Stewart;
Tracks 3-4 Robert Burns;
Tracks 5, 7 Gill Bowman;
Track 6 Tillis, Auge, Reinfield, Dickens;
Tracks 8, 13 trad.;
Track 9 words Gill Bowman, music Leaving Stoer by Ivan Drever;
Track 12 Allie Fox