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Lisa O’Kane: Am I Too Blue

Lisa O’Kane: Am I Too Blue (Raisin’ Kane)

Am I Too Blue
Lisa O’Kane

Raisin’ Kane Music, no record number shown (CD, USA, 2001)

Recorded at Mad Dog Studios, Burbank, CA;
Recording Engineer Steve Pouliot;
Produced by Edward Tree;
Mixed by Steve Pouliot at Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles, CA;
Mastered by Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering, Studio City, CA;
Art Direction / Design: Tweezhouse Design & Seaborn Graphics;
Photography: H. David Story


Lisa O’Kane, vocals;
Edward Tree, guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, dobro;
Billy Watts, electric guitar, background vocals;
David Jackson, accordion, bass, background vocals;
Skip Edwards, strings, piano, Hammond organ B3, Wurlitzer;
Taras Prodanuik, bass;
David Raven, James Cruce, drums;
Scott Joss, fiddle;
Richard Dodd, cello;
Tom Corbett, mandolin;
Kellie Coffey, Mark Fosson, Teresa James, Ken O’Malley, background vocals


  1. Romance and Finance [Ken O’Malley, Lisa O’Kane, Edward Tree] (2.43)
  2. Little Black Cloud [Mark Fosson, Edward Tree] (4.16)
  3. Am I Too Blue [Lucinda Williams] (3.46)
  4. My Sweet Love Ain’t Around [Hank Williams] (2.52)
  5. Pineola [Lucinda Williams] (3.25)
  6. Lovin’ You Again [Richard Ferris] (4.37)
  7. Wall of Tears [K.T. Oslin] (4.23)
  8. All the Way With You [John Prine, Gary Nicholson] (3.50)
  9. Wanting, Wanting You [Randall Hylton] (4.03)
  10. Like an Old Fashioned Waltz [Sandy Denny] (3.07)
  11. Old Crossroad Is Waitin’ [Bill Monroe] (3.30)
  12. The Valley [Lisa O’Kane, Edward Tree] (4.35)