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Leslie van Berkum

Leslie van Berkum: Leslie van Berkum (own label)

Leslie van Berkum
Leslie van Berkum
with the Deerfield Coffehouse Band & Kent Allyn

own label, no record# (CD, USA, 2003)

Produced by Leslie van Berkum and Gerry Putnam;
Recorded and engineered by Gerry Putnam, Cedarhous Sound and Mastering, New London, NH;
Manufactured and printed by Oasis, Flint Hill, VA;
Cover design by Liz Lafferty


Leslie van Berkum: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, harmonies;
Kent Allyn: piano, bass, steel guitar, acoustic guitar;
Walt Kutylowski: bass, harmonica, harmonies;
Kris Shores: harmonies;
David Buzell: lead guitar, bass, harmonies;
Tomi Bazzell: keyboarrds;
Frank Mitchell: drums;
Wini Young: percussion, harmonies;
Bob Young: mandolin, percussion


  1. Someday Soon [Ian Tyson] (3.29)
  2. Chelsea Morning [Joni Mitchell] (2.22)
  3. Carolina Rua [Thom Moore] (2.21)
  4. Jesse [Janis Ian] (3.53)
  5. Saucy Sailor (Roud 531; Laws K38; G/D 1:49) (4.15)
  6. Women Be Wise [Sippie Wallace] (3.20)
  7. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? [Sandy Denny] (4.43)
  8. You Feel the Same Way Too [Jimmy Rankin] (4.20)
  9. By My Side [Jay Hamburger, Peggy Gordon] (3.00)
  10. Send in the Clowns [Stephen Sondheim] (3.59)
  11. The Bonny Swans (Roud 8; Child 10; G/D 2:213) (4.08)
  12. I’ll Stand by You [C. Hynde, B. Steinberg] (3.32)
  13. Crusader [Mick Hanly] (3.48)
  14. Angel [Sarah McLachlan] (4.13)