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Same Trailer Different Park

Kacey Musgraves: Same Trailer Different Park (Mercury 0602537140961)

Same Trailer Different Park
Kacey Musgraves

Mercury Records 0602537140961 (CD, USA, 2013)

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Produced by Kacey Musgraves, Luke Laird and Shane McAnally;
Recorded by Charlie Brocco at Ben’s Studio, Nashville, TN, assted by Leslie Richter;
Additional recording by Ryan Gore at The Racket, Sound Emporium and Maverick Recording, Nashville;
Mixed by Ryan Gore at The Racket and Maverick Recording, Nashville;
Track coordinator Ilya Tushinsky;
Mastered by Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Masters, Nashville;
Photography by Kelly Christine Musgraves;
Art direction by Karen Naff, Kacey Musgraves and Kelly Christine Musgraves;
Design by Karen Neff


Kacey Musgraves, vocals, gang vocals, whistling, acoustic guitar, harmonica;
Fred Eltringham, drums, tambo, foot stompin;
Jimmy Lee Sloas, bass;
Dave Levita, Rob McNelly, JT Corenflos, electric guitar;
Kyle Ryan, electric guitars, gang vocals;
Luke Laird, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals, gang vocals;
Ilya Toshinsky, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, banjo;
Misa Arriaga, acoustic guitar, ukulele, background vocals, gang vocals;
John Osborne, acoustic guitar, background vocals;
Russ Pahl, Buck Baxter, pedal steel guitars;
Matt Stanfield, keyboards, wurlitzer;
John Henry Trinko, accordion;
Claire Indie, Hannah Schroeder, cello;
Shane McAnally, background vocals, gang vocals;
Natalie Hemby, Kree Harrison, background vocals


  1. Silver Lining (3.50)
  2. My House (2.40)
  3. Merry Go ’Round (3.26)
  4. Dandelion (3.02)
  5. Blowin’ Smoke (3.08)
  6. I Miss You (3.50)
  7. Step Off (3.02)
  8. Back on the Map (4.06)
  9. Keep It to Yourself (3.16)
  10. Stupid (2.37)
  11. Follow Your Arrow (3.19)
  12. It Is What It Is (3.46)

Tracks 1-3, 6, 10 Kacey Musgraves, John Osborne, Shane McAnally;
Tracks 4, 11 Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally;
Tracks 5, 7, 9, 12 Kacey Musgraves, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally;
Tracks 8 Kacey Musgraves, Luke Laird


It Is What It Is is one of Iona Fyfe’s “desert island choices” in Living Tradition 127 (2019):

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Golden Hour

Kacey Musgraves: Golden Hour (MCA 0602537140961)

Golden Hour
Kacey Musgraves

MCA Records 0602537140961 (CD, USA, 2018)

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Produced by Ian Fitchuk, Daniel Tashian, Kacey Musgraves;
Recorded by Craig Alvin at Big Green Barn, Sound Emporium, House of Blues Nashville, The Great Gazoo Reading Room, Royal Plum;
Mixed by Shawn Everett at Subtle McNugget Studios,
by Serban Ghenea at Mixstar Studios Virginia Beach, VA, and by Craig Alvin at the Great Gazoo Reading Room;
Art direction by Kelly Christine Sutton, Kacey Musgraves;
Photography and design by Kelly Christine Sutton


Kacey Musgraves, vocals, acoustic guitar;
Daniel Tashian, acoustic, electric and classical guitar, baritone guitar, stratocaster, rhodes, elektron sampler, celeste, vibraphone, banjo, keyboards, bass, backing vocals;
Todd Lombardo, acoustic guitar, high-strung acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar, slide guitar, classical guitar, nylon-string guitar, banjo;
Ian Fitchuk, drums, percussion, electric guitar, bass, synth bass, banjo, keyboards, piano, wurlitzer, Juno 60, programming, vocoder;
David Davidson, violin, viola;
Carole Rabinowitz, cello;
Russ Pahl, Justin Schipper, Dan Dugmore, pedal steel;
Kyle Ryan, electric guitar


  1. Slow Burn (4.06)
  2. Lonely Weekend (3.47)
  3. Butterflies (3.39)
  4. Oh, What a World (4.01)
  5. Mother (1.18)
  6. Love Is a Wild Thing (4.16)
  7. Space Cowboy (3.36)
  8. Happy & Sad (4.03)
  9. Velvet Elvis (2.34)
  10. Wonder Woman (4.00)
  11. High Horse (3.34)
  12. Golden Hour (3.18)
  13. Rainbow (3.34)

Track 3 Luke Laird;
Track 7 Luke Laird, Shane McAnally;
Track 9 Luke Dick;
Track 10 Amy Wadge, Hillary Lindsey, Jesse Frasure;
Track 11 Tommy English, Trent Dabbs;
Track 13 Shane McAnally;