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John McGettigan and His Irish Minstrels

John McGettigan and His Irish Minstrels (Topic 12T367)

John McGettigan and His Irish Minstrels
Classic Recordings of Irish Traditional Music in America
John McGettigan

Topic Records 12T367 (LP, UK, 1979)

Recorded in 1928-1938;
Remastered, produced and designed by Tony Engle;
Notes by Mick Moloney and John Paddy Browne;
Original recordings from the collections of Tony Engle and Reg Hall;
Recording information by Tony Russell and Reg Hall;
Thanks to John Moulden for the cover photograph


John McGettigan: vocals, fiddle;
J. Currey: banjo;
Michael Crowley: piano;
Mac Barret: fiddle;
Joe Maher: saxophone;
… McIntyre: banjo;
John McCormick or John Kennedy: fiddle;
Sam Moore: accordion;
Ed Lee: piano;
F. Meehan: fiddle;
Joseph O’Neill: fiddle;
John Dougherty: banjo;
Al Duffy: piano;
Dan Marquette: accordion;
Jimmy McDade: banjo;
Alfred Baldassarri: fiddle;
George Tracy: piano


Side 1

  1. Martha, the Flower of Sweet Strabane (Roud 2745; G/D 4:722; H224a) (2.58)
  2. The Maid of the Moorlough Shore (Roud 2946; Henry H34b) (3.09)
  3. Ma McNulty’s Favourite / Rolling in the Rye Grass Highland schottische (3.07)
  4. The Turfman From Ardee (Roud 5187) (2.30)
  5. The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door (Roud 4783) waltz song (3.10)
  6. My Darling’s Asleep / Maids on the Green jigs (3.07)
  7. Erin’s Lovely Lee (Roud 5327) (2.57)
  8. Shoe the Donkey waltz (2.50)
  9. Rare Old Irish Whiskey (Roud 16703) (3.40)

Side 2

  1. Rambling Irishman (Roud 360; G/D 7:1397) (3.02)
  2. Maggie in the Wood / Spanish Ladies / The Rose Tree polkas (3.33)
  3. McGettigan’s Jig Medley: The Three Little Drummers / The Geese in the Bog (3.08)
  4. Lovely Molly (Roud 454; G/D 6:1192; Henry H615, H625) (3.30)
  5. Mullignar Races / The Sligo Maid reels (2.30)
  6. Me Husband’s Flannel Shirt (Roud 16701) (3.05)
  7. Cutting the Corn in Creeslough Today (Roud 16702) (3.19)
  8. Fisher’s / The Cliff hornpipes (3.17)
  9. The Star of Donegal (Roud 2996; Henry H555) (3.06)

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