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John McCormick: Between Our Hearts

John McCormick: Between Our Hearts (Fellside FECD118)

Between Our Hearts
John McCormick

Phantom Records PH012 (CD, UK, 1998)

Recorded by Jim Richards at Ultrasounds Recording, Boston, Massachusetts,
    Al Stone annd Stecen Creech at Sound Invenstment Recording, Indianapolis, Indiana,
    Andy Seward at Sound & Music Workshop, Balton-on-Dearne, England,
    Jim Nunally at Jim 'n' Amy's, Crockett, California;
Mixed by Jim Nunally;
Mastered by Derek Bianchi at MuscleTone Studios, Berkeley, California;
Photography by Heidi Barton


John McCormick, vocals, guitar;
Maggie Boyle, vocals, flute, bodhrán, whistle;
Judi Meister, fiddle;
Steve Kobe, bass;
Steve Tilston, arpeggione;
Jean Roberts, Sue Tribby, Mark Tribby, Bill Bailey, vocals


  1. Tide and the River Rising (3.16)
  2. One Morning in May (Roud 140; Laws P14) (3.40)
  3. Fair Anna tune (2.51)
  4. When Two Hearts Combine (4.01)
  5. Bonnie Jean Cameron (Roud 13082) (4.20)
  6. A Woman Like You (3.21)
  7. Southwind tune (2.39)
  8. Spencer the Rover (Roud 1115) (3.52)
  9. When I Get to the Border (3.09)
  10. Brown Haired Girl tune (2.04)
  11. Bright New Year (1.51)
  12. The Snow It Melts the Soonest (Roud 3154) (3.59)
  13. Big Moose tune (2.34)

Track 1 Cindy Callet;
Tracks 2, 5, 7-8, 10, 12 trad. arr. John McCormick;
Track 3, 13 John McCormick;
Track 4 Robin Laing;
Track 6, 11 Bert Jansch;
Track 9 Richard Thompson