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Joe Hutton of Coquetdale

Joe Hutton of Coquetdale (Mawson and Wareham MWM 1024)

Joe Hutton of Coquetdale
Joe Hutton (1923-1995)

Mawson and Wareham Music MWM 1024 (LP, UK, 1980)

Produced by Geoff Heslop;
Recorded by Mickey Sweeney at Impulse Studios, Wallsend;
Photos by Searl and O’Rourke, George Mawson


Joe Hutton: Northumbrian small pipes


Side 1

  1. Swindon / Joe Hutton’s March / The Foxglove slow air / march / hornpipe
  2. Wade Hampton’s / The Stack of Wheat Irish hornpipes
  3. Memories / Nancy
  4. The Cameron Highlanders Scottish march
  5. Archie’s Fancy / The Old Drove Road slow air / rant
  6. The Anniversary Jig / Father Fielding’s Favourite two jigs
  7. The Hawk / Cheviot Rant hornpipe / rant

Side 2

  1. Crawley Dene / Powburn Lads / Brackenrigg slow air / jig / reel
  2. Remember Me Hornpipe / Liddell’s Hornpipe two hornpipes
  3. Elsey’s Waltz / Andrew’s March waltz, march
  4. Bonny Cragside / The Coquetdale Hornpipe / Bewshaugh Hornpipe slow air, two hornpipes
  5. President Garfield’s Hornpipe hornpipe
  6. The Cheviot Hills

Tracks 1abc, 10a Archie Dagg, Coquetdale;
Tracks 3ab Tom Clough;
Track 4 James Scott Skinner;
Tracks 5ab Billy Pigg;
Track 6a MacDonald of Nova Scotia;
Track 6b Irish;
Track 7a James Hill of Gateshead;
Track 7b Billy Miller;
Tracks 8abc Jack Armstrong;
Track 9a R. Whinham;
Track 9b trad.;
Track 10b John Dagg, Wooler, Northumberland;
Tracks 11ab Tom Carruthers, Northumberland;
Track 11c Mary Cowan;
Track 12 USA;
Track 13 Jack Robson

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