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Jimmy Young: Pipeworks

Jimmy Young: Pipeworks (Greentrax CDTRAX171)

Jimmy Young

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX171 (CD, UK, May 1999)

Produced and arranged by Jimmy Young;
Recorded by Peter Haigh at Pier Studios, Edinburgh;
Mixed by Jimmy Young and Peter Haigh;
Artwork and design by Saltire Design Scotland


Jimmy Young: Northumbrian pipes A, Bb, D & E;
Ron Shaw: cello;
Fergus MacKenzie: djembe, shakers;
Iain MacDonald: Scottish smallpipes A;
Iain MacInnes: Border pipes A;
Chic MacAulay: guitar;
Iain MacLeod: ten-string mandolin;
John Martin: fiddle;
Davy Stuart: viola, hurdy-gurdy, mandola;
Jon Hooker: guitar;
James Wilkinson: fretless bass;
James Mackintosh: bongos;
Denny Stanway: vocals;
Billy Ross: vocals

Notes to Who Knows Where the Time Goes?:

“I have included this track to showcase the current NZ line-up of Rua. It is an all-time favourite of Denny’s who has been singing it at live performances with the band for years. This track was recorded under the auspices of the Christchurch Folk & Acoustic Music Club in Redd Acoustic Studios Christchurch.”


  1. End of the Rainbow Suite (Tracks 1-7)
    Dedicated to the Rainbow Warrior

    1. The Warrior’s Reel (Rip the Calico) (1.57)
    2. Sir William Hardie’s Waltzurka (3.42)
    3. Full-Rigged: The Warriors Jig / The Celebration Reel (2.43)
    4. Exodus (Anac Cuin) (4.36)
    5. Pacific Crossing: Plain Sailing / Pacific Crossing (3.00)
    6. The Arrival: Out of the Mist / Pacific Fling / The Arrival (4.34)
    7. The End of the Rainbow: Burial at Sea / Resurrection: The Warriors Reel (5.37)
  1. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (6.34)
  2. Last Hoe-Down at the Tron: The Peeriwig / Dinky Dolan’s (2.06)
  3. The Braes, the Braes! (4.32)
  4. Denny’s Air (4.52)

Tracks 1, 4, 9-10 trad.;
Tracks 2-3, 11 Jimmy Young;
Tracks 5, 7 trad. / Jimmy Young;
Track 6 Ron Shaw / Jimmy Young;
Track 8 Sandy Denny