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Jill Jack: Too Close to the Sun

Jill Jack: Too Close to the Sun (Drum Dancer 0005DD)

Too Close to the Sun
Jill Jack

Drum Dancer Records 0005DD (CD, USA, 1998)

Produced by Michael King;
Co-produced by Jill Jack, Billy Brandt and Geoff Michael;
Recorded at Tempermill Studio, Ferndale, MI;
Additional recording: Big Sky, Ann Arbor, MI and Mission Studio, Birmingham, MI;
Engineered by Geoff Michael and Jim Kissling;
Mastered by Dave Feeney at Tempermill Studio, Ferndale, MI


Jill Jack, vocals, acoustic guitar, Nashville guitar, percussion;
Billy Brandt, electric guitar, mandolin;
Garry Rasmussen, bass;
Kerry Gluckman, drums


  1. Travels On (4.37)
  2. Do You Believe It (4.10)
  3. Does You No Good to Be Good (4.47)
  4. It Makes Me Wonder (3.40)
  5. Captain Tony (5.58)
  6. Time to Fly (3.43)
  7. Not Look Back Again (3.33)
  8. Freedom (5.39)
  9. Too Close to the Sun (5.41)
  10. Seed (5.52)
  11. Who Knows Where the Time Goes (5.59)
  12. Lady Lucy (2.56)

All songs by Jill Jack except
Track 2 Tim Diaz, Billy Brandt;
Track 11 Sandy Denny