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His Songs

Jeremy Taylor: His Songs (Fontana STL5475)

His Songs
Jeremy Taylor

Fontana STL5475 (LP, UK, 1968)


Jeremy Taylor: vocals, guitar;
Martin Carthy: guitar


Side 1

  1. Neighbours
  2. Council Flats
  3. Blackpool
  4. Traffic Wardens Are Go
  5. Here I Kneel (Mrs Wilson’s Lament)
  6. Parliamentary One-Step
  7. Young Paul

Side 2

  1. Belle of Barnstable
  2. The Day I Smashed the Television
  3. I’m Backing Britain Talking Blues
  4. Pizouf
  5. Nasty Spider
  6. Down in the Underground
  7. Red Velvet Steering Wheel Cover Driver

All songs written by Jeremy Taylor