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Jane Lukíc: After the Storm

Jane Lukic: After the Storm

After the Storm
Jane Lukíc

no record label and number shown (CD, USA, 2000)

Recorded at DV Studios, Milwaukee, WI and at home, November 1997 - November 1999;
Recorded by David Vartanian, Matthew Arndt, Jane Lukíc;
Produced and mixed by David Vartanian;
Cover design: Tessa Lukíc-Kegel


Jane Lukíc, vocals, piano, keyboards;
Kostia, piano;
Mike Wanger, acoustic guitar;
Stas Venglevski, accordion;
Amelia Lukíc-Kegel, vocals;
David Vartanian, keyboards, guitars


  1. Spirit [Trad.] (1.48)
  2. Breath After Breath [Jane Lukíc] (5.34)
  3. Over the Rainbow [E.Y. Harburg / Harold Arlen] (3.00)
  4. Amy’s Ascent [Jane Lukíc] (4.01)
  5. Human Heart [Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty] (4.07)
  6. Amazing Grace [John Newton / Trad.] (2.47)
  7. Who Knows Where the Time Goes [Sandy Denny] (3.56)
  8. Daughter of Time [Mary Ostermann] (3.20)
  9. Hold On [Lucy Simon, Marsha Norman] (3.14)
  10. For All We Know [Sam Lewis / Fred Coots] (4.29)
  11. Take These Wings [Steve Kupferschmid / Don Besig] (3.50)
  12. Wonderful Day [Trish Walker] (3.25)
  13. After the Storm [Jane Lukíc] (5.04)
  14. When You Wish Upon a Star [Ned Washington / Leigh Harline] (2.41)