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Irish Dance Music

Irish Dance Music (Folkways FW8821)

Irish Dance Music
Various Artists

Folkways FW 8821 (LP, USA, 1973)
Topic Records TSCD602 (CD, UK, 1995)

Irish Dance Music (Topic TSCD602)

In 1973, Folkways Records of New York issued Irish Dance Music, Reg Hall's pioneer anthology taken from 78rpm records. Drawing on material and information not available to him then, this second edition contains a revised selection of recordings and new notes.

Produced by Tony Engle;
Edited by Reg Hall;
Original recordings New York, Chicago, Dublin, London, Hayes, 1922-1945; from the Reg Hall and Michael Plunkett collections;
Transfer and digital remastering using CEDAR: Charlie Crump

CD Tracks

  1. Frank Quinn fiddle, lilting & shouting: The Westport Chorus (3.01)
  2. Michael J. Cashin fiddle, Tom Doyle fiddle, unidentified piano: Ginger's Favourite / Bogs of Allen jigs (2.47)
  3. Tom Morrison flute, John Reynolds tamborine: Sweet Flowers of Milltown / The Boys from Knock schottische (3.01)
  4. Michael Coleman fiddle, John Muller piano: O'Dowd's Favourite Reel Medley (2.56)
  5. Bart Henry's Traditional Quartet Orchestra: Ah! Surely / The Maid on the Green jigs (3.00)
  6. John McKenna flute, Michael Gaffney tenor banjo, unidentified piano: Maids of Galway / Over the Moor to Peggy Irish reels (3.06)
  7. K Scanlon fiddle, Mel Bernard piano: Bonnie Kate / Swallow's Tail / Molly Brannigan old time fiddling reels (2.56)
  8. Michael J. Grogan button accordion: Off to California / Dunphy's Hornpipes (3.01)
  9. Michael J. Grogan button accordion, John Howard fiddle: Drunken Tailor / Teetotaler reels (3.00)
  10. George Halpin fiddle, M. Stanford, two unidentified women lilting, unidentified piano: The Maid of Ballinatra reel (2.52)
  11. Flanagan Brothers: Joe Flanagan button accordion, Mike Flanagan tenor banjo, Louis Flanagan harp-guitar: Frieze Breetches / The Cook in the Kitchen / Lannigan's Ball Irish jigs (3.10)
  12. Joe Flanagan button accordion, unidentified fiddle, piano & lilting: Scotch Mary Medley Irish reels (3.11)
  13. McConnell's Four Leaf Shamrocks: Babes in the Wood / Moore's Favourite polkas (3.00)
  14. The Four Provinces Orchestra: The Pride of Ulster / Maggie Pickens / Cameron's Wife folk dance (2.55)
  15. Pat Roche's Harp and Shamrock Orchestra: Boys of Blue Hill / Stack o' Wheat hornpipes (3.13)
  16. Erin's Pride Orchestra: Stack of Oats / Shannon Waves barn dances (2.38)
  17. Frank Lee's Tar Ceilidh Band: Kitty's Rambles / The Merry Old Woman / The Humours of Ballinafad Irish jigs (2.54)
  18. Siamsa Gaedheal Ceilidhe Band: The High Road to Galway / The Groves Reel / The Salamanca Reel Irish reels (3.00)
  19. Ballinakill (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players: Carraroe / Lambert's Jigs (3.08)
  20. Jerry Moloney and Tommy Whyte fiddles, Anna Rafferty piano: The Old Bush Reel (2.45)
  21. Moate Ceilidhe Band: The First House in Connaught / The Green Gate reels (3.05)
  22. Lough Gill Quartet: Mill Pond / Mist on the Meadow jigs (3.07)
  23. Belhavel Trio: Ash Plant / The Merry Harriers / The Hut in the Bog reels (3.05)
  24. Kincora Ceilidhe Band: Lasses of Carracastle / Maid of Mt Kisko / St Ruth's Bush reels (2.55)