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International Folk Song Contest

International Folk Song Contest (Topic T2)

International Folk Song Contest
Various Artists

Topic Records T2 (8" LP, UK, 1956)

The songs on this record were recorded at the finals of the folk song competition which formed part of the Fifth World Festival of Youth and Students, held in Warsaw in August 1955. There were about 140 entries from all over the world. Thirty-six prizes and four distinctions were awarded. The eight singers on this disc are representative of those who achieved highest honours before a jury of folksong experts of international repute.

Issued by Topic Records for the British Youth Festival Committee with the co-operation of the Radio Section of the World Youth Festival Organising Committee.


Side 1

  1. Aniela Swiatek (Poland):
    The White Dove
    Second Prize
  2. Yanka Delcheva Ivanova (Bulgaria):
    The Bagpipe Began to Play
    Second Prize
  3. Nirmal Chaudhuri (India):
    First Prize
  4. Ibrahim Tukici (Albania):
    O My Flower
    Second Prize

Side 2

  1. Klavdia Aleksandrovna Kotok (USSR):
    First Prize
  2. Nadka Ivanova Kardzhova (Bulgaria):
    Sing, Girls, Sing
    First Prize
  3. Jarmila Sulakova (Czechoslvakia):
    Ej, Rozo, Rozo
    First Prize
  4. Asek Dzhumbayev (Kirghizia, USSR):
    O My Kobuz
    First Prize