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Ian Cutler: Slaughterhouse

Ian Cutler: Slaughterhouse (Slaughterhouse Productions SLP001CD)

Ian Cutler

Slaughterhouse Productions SLP001CD (CD, UK, 2000)

Produced by Ian Cutler;
Engineered at Cyclone by Wal;
Mastered at Cyclone by Graham Seamark


Ian Cutler: Bridge Aquila 4 string electric violin, Bridge Aquila 8ve 4 string electric octave violin, bass keyboards;
Colin Reece: vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming;
Carlton Hunt: drums;
Peter Knight: Pizzicato Aquila 8ve [6];
Hugh Crabtree: vocals, melodeon;
Charlotte de Speville: vocals;
Sarah-Jayne Tye: backing vocals;
Doug Hudson: guitar;
Mike Peters: bass;
Tony Rico: baritone saxophone;
Martin Vincent: electric guitar;
Dave Harding: bass;
John Underwood: acoustic guitar.


  1. Preacher Ring the Bell (5.19)
  2. Azerie (3.19)
  3. Mercedes in the Drive (4.29)
  4. Even Hookers Sing the Blues (5.45)
  5. Orange Blossom Special (5.52)
  6. Sally Free and Easy (7.15)
  7. When Mother Says Move (4.11)
  8. Princess Royal / Battle of the Somme (5.12)
  9. The Swan (4.02)
  10. Whirlyjig (4.59)

Tracks 1, 4, 7 Colin Reece;
Tracks 2, 9, 10 Trad. arr. Ian Cutler;
Track 3 P. Learmouth, D. Hudson;
Track 5 Ervin T. Rouse, arr. Ian Cutler;
Track 6 Cyril Tawney, arr. Hugh Crabtree / Peter Knight;
Track 8 Trad. arr. W.P.R.