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Hom Bru: Obadeea

Hom Bru: Obadeea (Celtic Music CM009)

Music From Shetland & Beyond
Hom Bru

Celtic Music CM/CMC009 (LP/cass., UK, 1982)

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Produced by Robin Morton;
Recorded at Temple Studios;
Front cover photo by Bobby Tulloch;
Band photography by Hom Bru;
Sleeve design by Gordon Tyrrall and Dave Bulmer


Peter Miller: guitar, vocals, electric bass;
George Faux: fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals;
Gary Peterson: mandolin, tenor banjo, fiddle;
Ivor Pottinger: guitar

Stewart Isbister: bass [1, 5];
Janine Wells: backing vocals


Side 1

  1. Christmas Day / The Bonnie Isle o’ Whalsay / Leather Breeches (3.12)
  2. Gärdebylåten (2.15)
  3. Lassie Lie Near Me (Roud V39584) (3.09)
  4. Chicago Reel / The Scholar / St Anne’s Reel (3.25)
  5. Ragtime Jane (2.42)
  6. The New Song on the Turnout (4.44)

Side 2

  1. The Brolum / Pete da Mill (3.17)
  2. Janine’s Shell / Sandy Bell’s (3.11)
  3. Unst Boat Song (2.47)
  4. Garster’s Dream / Da Brig / Da Sooth End (2.57)
  5. Sandy Burn Reel (4.39)
  6. Banks of the Bann (Roud 889; Laws O2; Henry H86) (1.11)
  7. The Eighth Black Watch on Passchendaele Ridge / John Murray of Lochee (3.20)

All tracks trad. except
Track 4c Bob Scott;
Track 5 Jimmy Elliott;
Track 6 words trad., tune George Faux;
Track 7a Dr. Charles Bannatyne;
Track 7b Gary Peterson;
Track 8a George Faux;
Track 8b Rob Smith;
Track 10b Friedemann Stickle;
Track 10c Willie Hunter;
Track 11 Frank Jamieson;
Track 12a Alexander ‘Sandy’ Bremner;
Track 12b John Hastings

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Hom Bru: Rowin Foula Doon

Hom Bru: Rowin Foula Doon (Lochshore CDCDL 1230)

Rowin Foula Doon
Hom Bru

Hom Bru Recordings HB104C (cass., UK, 1990)
Lochshore CDCDL 1230 (CD, UK, 1995)
Hom Bru Recordings HB104CD (CD, UK, July 2011)

Hom Bru: Rowin Foula Doon (Hom Bru HB104CD)
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Produced by Davie Henry and Peter Miller;
Recorded by Billy Kay at Home Studio, Lerwick, Shetpand;
Remastered by Stevie Hook;
Band photographs by Dennis Coutts;
CD packaging re-design by Mike Garden at Birnam CD


Gary Peterson: tenor banjo, mandolin;
Peter Miller: bass, vocals;
Davie Henry: mandolin, vocals, guitar, tenor banjo;
Ivor Pottinger: vocals, guitar;
Steven Spence: fiddle

Billy Kay: keyboards [2, 7]


Side 1

  1. Sylvia / Tulloch’s Farewell tae da Hagdale reels (2.55)
  2. Rowin Foula Doon (Da Song o da Papa Men) (5.33)
  3. Huckleberry Hornpipe / Homesteader’s Reel / Donkey Reel (4.22)
  4. Caledonia (5.20)
  5. Niamh’s Capers / Toss the Feathers / The Pinch of Snuff reels (3.38)

Side 2

  1. Shaskeen / Paddy Fahey’s reels / Fair Jenny jig (4.13)
  2. Miss Rowan Davies slow air (4.11)
  3. Smugglers (5.27)
  4. I’ll Remember You This Way (4.49)
  5. Moving Cloud (3.14)

Tracks 1ab Steven Spence;
Track 2 words Vagaland (1909-1973), music T.M.Y. Manson;
Track 3a Byrone Berline;
Track 3b Ivor Smith;
Tracks 3c, 5bc, 6ab trad.;
Track 4 Dougie MacLean;
Track 5a Gerry O’Connor;
Track 6c Peter Barnes;
Track 7 Phil Cunninghame;
Track 8 Ian McCalman;
Track 9 Mick Fitzgerald;
Track 10 Sean Maguire

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Hom Bru: No Afore Time

Hom Bru: No Afore Time (Hom Bru HB105CD)

No Afore Time
Hom Bru

Hom Bru Recordings HB105CD (CD, UK, April 2003)

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Produced by Hom Bru;
Recorded by Willie Barker at Sands o’ Sound Studios;
Mixed by Willie Barker and Brian Nicolson;
Cover by Hom Bru Grafix


Gary Peterson: mandolin, tenor banjo;
Brian Nicholson: guitar, bass, vocals;
Davie Henry: mandolin, vocals;
John Robert Deyell: fiddle, voice over

John (o’ da Burns) Hutchison: guitar [2, 9];
Willie Barker: harmony vocals [12];
Ness o’ Sound Trowie Choral Society: mischief [8]


  1. Cooper’s Reels: Millbrae / Miss Cusan Cooper / Calum Donaldson / Mickey Ainsworth (4.11)
  2. Da Sang o da Delting Lass (4.55)
  3. Suzi’s Waltz (2.49)
  4. Scarce o Tatties Set: A Scarce o Tatties Set / Angus McKinnon / My Kindly Sweetheart / The Ale Is Dear / Jock Wilson’s Ball (4.52)
  5. Da Sang o da Fisher Lad (3.06)
  6. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (3.57)
  7. Hornpipes: The Galway Hornpipe / The Poppy Leaf (3.08)
  8. Da Trowie Song (4.05)
  9. Serendipity (3.59)
  10. Hoedown Set: Joys of Quebec / Crooked Stovepipe / Mittens Breakdown / Arkansas Traveller / Golden Slippers (4.56)
  11. High Rockin Swing (3.42)
  12. Da Lass o Hascosay (3.03)
  13. Bonnie Nancy (5.14)
  14. The Harley Set: The Harley Ashtray / McPherson’s Strut (3.36)
  15. Simmer Dim (2.53)

Tracks 1a-d Ronnie Cooper;
Tracks 2, 12 Mary Helen Odie;
Track 3 David Kahn;
Track 4a Norman McLean;
Tracks 4b-e, 7ab, 10a-b trad. arr. Hom Bru;
Track 5 James Isbister, John Nicolson;
Track 6 Francisco Tarrega;
Track 8 Ally Linklater, Peter Miller;
Track 9 Gary Peterson;
Track 10e James Bland;
Track 11 Joe Avants, Archie Tennant;
Track 13 Phil Cunningham;
Track 14a Charlie McKerron, Mark Duff;
Track 14b Jay Unger;
Track 15 Robert W. Isbister

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