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Herkja: Herkja

Herkja: Herkja (Tamarach TAMARAC003)


Tamarach Records TAMARAC003 (CD EP, UK, 24 January 2020)

Recorded and mixed by Tim Matthew at Mareel, Shetland, in August 2019;
Mastered by Dean Honer;
Artwork by Vivian Ross-Smith;
Designed by Ewan MacPherson of Quiet Design


Lyn Anderson: fiddles, vocals;
Lana Elaine Smith: piano, accordion, vocals;
Jenny Sturgeon: guitar, harmonium, vocals,
Martha Thomson: fiddles, vocals


  1. Paper Böns (5.01)
  2. Mining for Gold (1.58)
  3. Da Isles Set: Unst Bridal March / Foula Reel / Gibby Gray (4.20)
  4. Until We Become the Change (3.45)
  5. Wicked Games (4.51)
  6. Paper Böns (radio edit) (3.35)

Tracks 1, 6 inspired and adapted from Roseanne Watt’s poem ‘Tirrick Skull” from her poetry collection Moder Dy;
Track 2 Brett James, Guy Chambers;
Track 3ab trad;
Track 3c Steven Spence;
Track 4 Jenny Sturgeon;
Track 5 Chris Isaak