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Grumblewood: Stories of Strangers

Grumblewood: Stories of Strangers (Gravity Dream GD003)

Stories of Strangers

Gravity Dream Music GD003 (CD, New Zealand, 6 November 2020)

Produced amd arranged by Salvatore Richichi and Morgan Jones;
Recorded and mixed by Salvatore Richichi at Year of the Rabbit Studios, Wellington, New Zealand;
Mastering and technical support by Marcus Wilson;
Art and design by Morgan Jones


Gav Bromfield: lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, piano;
Salvatore Richichi: guitars, mandolin, banjo, harpsichord, backing vocals;
Morgan Jones: bass, harpsichord, backing vocals;
Phil Aldridge: drums, percussion, backing vocals

Naomi Middleton, Kirsty Campbell: additional vocals


  1. My Fair Lady (7.30)
  2. Picturesque Postcard (4.42)
  3. Castaways (5.17)
  4. Fives & Nines (4.35)
  5. The Sheriff Rides (6.02)
  6. Ex Memoriam (3.07)
  7. The Minstrel (8.00)
  8. Stories of Strangers (5.27)

Track 1 Salvatore Richichi, Morgan Jones, Gav Bromfield;
Track 2 Gav Bromfield, Salvatore Richichi;
Track 3 Morgan Jones, Salvatore Richichi;
Track 4 Morgan Jones, Gav Bromfield;
Track 5 Morgan Jones, Phil Aldridge;
Tracks 6, 8 Morgan Jones;
Track 7 Gav Bromfield, Morgan Jones