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Graham & Sheila Nelmes: High Is the Tower

Graham & Sheila Nelmes: High Is the Tower (Traditional Sound TSR 042)

High Is the Tower
Graham & Sheila Nelmes

Traditional Sound Recordings TSR 042 (LP, UK, 1983)

Recorded and produced by Brian Horsfall;
Sleeve design by Brian Horsfall;
Picture by Richard Scollins


Graham Nelmes: vocals, guitar, curtal, harmonium;
Sheila Nelmes: vocals, guitar, psaltery;
Gadfan Edwards: Alison Tulloch, vocal harmonies;
Gregg Butler: treble recorders, French horn;
Kit Harvey: synthesisers, flugelhorn


Side 1

  1. All You That Are Good Fellows
  2. Whitby Bells
  3. The Lonesome Scenes of Winter (Roud 443; Laws H12)
  4. T’ Owd Brahn ’En
  5. The Banks of the Bann (Roud 889; Laws O2; Henry H86)
  6. Ned of the Hill (Roud 8136)

Side 2

  1. Soldiers Three (Roud 8340)
  2. The Merry Haymakers (Roud 153; Henry H697)
  3. You Gentlemen of England (Roud 18526)
  4. The Lorry Ride
  5. Adieu, Adieu (Roud 30101)
  6. The Grey Funnel Line

All tracks trad. except
Track 1 trad., from Chappell, Popular Music of Olden Times, Vol. 1, pp. 150-1;
Track 2 Dave Totterdell;
Track 4 Gerald Short / trad.;
Track 6 Samuel Lover, 19th century;
Track 9 trad. after Martin Parker, 17th century;
Track 10 Liza Chera (Tubb) / trad.;
Track 12 Cyril Tawney

Note: The album picture was copied from Discogs.com