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Glorystrokes: Industrial Revolution

Glorystrokes: Industrial Revolution (Glorystokes GS001)

Industrial Revolution

Glorystrokes GS001 (CD EP, UK, 2007)

Produced, engineered and mixed by Tom Wright at B:L:P Studios, Leeds in March-May 2006;
Artwork by Cubicair


Richard Arrowsmith, Nick Cooke, Gavin Davenport, Nigel Holmes, Lee O'Donnell, Tom Wright


  1. Got Wood (The Plane Tree) (4.00)
  2. XbasqueX (Billy from Overseas) (5.11)
  3. Sportsman's Revolution (Sportsman's Hornpipe) (6.29)
  4. Battle Swing Vs. RSB (4.10)
  5. Skipping Thru the Bar (Skipping Thru Vailla / Bar Room Brawl) (4.28)
  6. Endwaltz (8.44)

Track 1 trad. / Undine Hornby;
Track 2 Kepa Junkera Urraza / David Eisar;
Track 3 trad.;
Track 4a based on a theme by J.C. & F. Guichen;
Track 4b Andy Cutting;
Track 5a Richard Arrowsmith;
Track 5b Rob Kiersley;
Track 6 Tom Wright, Richard Arrowsmith

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