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“One of the most soulful of Scots voices”
Karine Polwart

The Collier Laddie

George Duff: The Collier Laddie (BEAGCD005)

The Collier Laddie
George Duff

George Duff BEAGCD005 (CD, UK, 29 June 2016)

Producd by Kevon Macleod, George Duff and Rob Hiley in February to June 2018;
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Rob Hiley at Urban Fox Records Studio, Musselburgh, Scotland;
Artwork design by Kevin Mcleod;
Front cover and back photographs at Prestongrange Museum by Gilles Moulin;
Inner b/w miners photomontage by Allan McMillan


George Duff, vocals, guitar, cittern;
Kevin Macleod, bouzoukis, cittern, mandolins, tenor guitar, resonator tenor guitars;
John Martin, fiddle, octave fiddle;
Mike Katz, whistle, low whistle, small pipes;
Jim Wilson, accordion;
Mark Dunlop, bodhrán, percussion;
Martin White, electric slide guitar;
Rob Hiley, piano


  1. The Collier Laddie (Roud 3787; G/D 5:991) (4.48)
  2. The Blackleg Miner (Roud 3193) (2.51)
  3. Banks of the Bann (Roud 889; Laws O2; Henry H86) (3.07)
  4. The Prince of Darkness (6.07)
  5. Green Grow the Rashes (Roud 2772; G/D 7:1297) (4.16)
  6. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie (Roud 6192; G/D 4:776) (2.52)
  7. Gin I Were a Baron's Heir (3.29)
  8. The Eight-Hour Day (Roud 11274) (2.54)
  9. The Bonnie Irish Maid (Roud 6319) (3.56)
  10. The Recruited Collier (Roud 3503) (3.32)
  11. Remember Connolly (1.47)
  12. He Fades Away (4.08)
  13. Ballad of the D-Day Dodgers (Roud 10499) (3.41)
  14. The Overgate (Roud 866) (4.01)
  15. The Rigs o' Rye (Roud 985; Laws O11; G/D 5:1054) (4.56)
  16. When These Shoes Were New (3.22)

Tracks 1-3, 9, 14-15 trad. arr. George Duff, Kevin Macleod;
Track 4 Brian McNeill;
Track 5 Robert Burns;
Track 6 Robert Burns, trad. tune Hardiman the Fiddler;
Track 7 William Holder;
Track 8 trad., chorus Rod Paterson, arr. George Duff, Kevin Macleod;
Track 10 Robert Anderson, arr. George Duff, Kevin Macleod;
Track 11 Geordie McIntyre;
Track 12 Alistair Hulett;
Track 13 Hamish Henderson;
Track 16 Michael Marra