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Freyja: Freyja (Osmosys OSMO CD006)


Osmosys Records OSMO CD006 (CD, UK, 1996)

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Produced by Jo Freya (with a lot of help from Ray Williamson and Oliver Knight);
Recorded at Krex Studios, Berlin, Germany;
Engineered by Dieter Ortlepp;
Mixed at Panda Sound, North Dalton, England


Jo Freya (England): saxophone, flageolet, alto clarinet;
Belén de Benito (Spain): Spanish guitar;
Anne-Lise Foy (France): hurdy-gurdy, vocals;
Gabriele Meyer (Germany): violin, viola;
Éva Vavrinecz (Hungary): double bass;
Nicola Marsh (England): percussion


  1. Entradilla (2.31)
  2. Freylech (2.12)
  3. Csárdás (3.35)
  4. Le Moulin Des Deux Roues (4.06)
  5. Snieder Danz / Reelin’ Over the Rooftops (5.22)
  6. Krummshots (3.35)
  7. Rossignolet (4.23)
  8. The Lost Papers (4.01)
  9. Sétalós Kopogós Tüsszentös Csárdás (3.34)
  10. Vecinos (3.48)

Track 1 trad. Spanish;
Track 2 trad. Ukranian / Jewish;
Track 3 trad. Hungarian, additions by Gabriele Meyer;
Track 4 Anne-Lise Foy, French;
Track 5a trad. German, Gabriele Meyer; German;
Track 5b Simon Mayor; English;
Track 6 W. Meyering; German;
Track 7 words trad., tune Gilles Chabenat; French;
Track 8 Jo Freya; English;
Track 9 trad. Hungarian;
Track 10 Belén de Benito; Spanish

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Freyja: One Bathroom

Freyja: One Bathroom (Osmosys OSMO CD016)

One Bathroom

Osmosys Records OSMO CD016 (CD, UK, 2000)

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Recorded and engineered by Oliver Knight at Panda Sound, Robin Hoods Bay;
Mastered with Ray Williams at Stevensons Cottage, North Dalton;
Produced by Jo Freya and Oliver Knight;
Sleeve notes by Jo Freya


Jo Freya (England): vocals, saxophones, clarinets, whistle;
Belén de Benito (Spain): acoustic and electric guitars, vocals;
Anne-Lise Foy (France): hurdy-gurdy, vocals;
Maria Jonsson (Sweden): violin, vocals;
Éva Vavrinecz (Hungary): double bass, vocals;
Jo May (England): vibraphone, percussion


  1. Gravel Walks to Granny (3.43)
  2. Kära min Moder / Kallebiten (5.46)
  3. La Belle Endormie (5.52)
  4. Hajnal Nóta / Green Cockade (Roud 191; TYG 2) (4.46)
  5. Siete Mujeras & One Bathroom (5.47)
  6. La Borderie (4.03)
  7. Magas Hegyen (4.38)
  8. Todora / More Sojko / Susko (7.47)
  9. Leksandslåt / A Sailor’s Life (Roud 273; Laws K12; G/D 6:1245) (7.19)
  10. Amnesia (5.35)

All tracks trad. arr Freyja except
Track 3 words trad., word additions and tune Anne-Lis Foy;
Track 5 Belén de Benito, Jo Freya;
Track 6 Anne-Lis Foy;
Track 8 trad. arr. Mihály Huszár and Freya;
Track 10 Belén de Benito