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For Freedom Alone

For Freedom Alone (Greentrax CDTRAX1314)

For Freedom Alone: The Wars of Independence
Commemorating the 700th Anniversary of Bannockburn
Various Artists

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX1314 (CD, UK, May 2014)

Track selection by Ian McCalman and Ian Green;
Tracks 2, 8 recorded by Kenneth Mutch at Bees Knees Studio;
Tracks 5, 12 recorded by Sandy Stanage at Lochside Studios;
Tracks 10, 13, 15 recorded by Ian McCalman, Kevock Digital Studios;
Track 11 recorded by Kevin Burleigh at Studio 2, Gorbals Sound Ltd.;
Mastered by Peter Haigh at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh;
Sleeve design by John Slavin at DesignFolk


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  1. Arthur Johnstone: Scots Wha Hae (Roud V1089) (2.08)
    from The Complete Songs of Robert Burns Volume 2 (Linn CKD 052, 1996)
  2. Iain Anderson: The Declaration of Arbroath (spoken word) (0.25)
  3. The McCalmans: The Lion Wallace Saw (2.08)
    from The Music and Song of Edinburgh (Greentrax CDTRAX090, 1995)
  4. Alastair McDonald: Stirling Brig (1.40)
    from Scottish Battle Ballads (Nevis NEVLP014)
  5. Sylvia Barnes, Sandy Stanage: The Lament of Wallace (Roud V13760) (3.32)
  6. Alastair McDonald: William Wallace (2.58)
    from Patriot’s Heart (Corban CBNCD029, 2008)
  7. Alasdair Fraser, Skyedance: Bannockburn (Music) (5.05)
    from Way Out to Hope Street (Culburnie CUL111, 1997)
  8. Iain Anderson: The Spider’s Legend of Robert the Bruce (poem) (0.39)
  9. Ian Bruce: De Bruce, De Bruce (3.47)
  10. George Archibald: Bruce’s Address to His Captains Before Bannockburn (1.49)
  11. Robin Laing: Bruce at Bannockburn (4.26)
  12. Sylvia Barnes, Sandy Stanage: Field of Bannockburn (Roud V16110) (2.32)
  13. Alex Hodgson: Sword of Bannockburn (4.00)
  14. The Corries: The Black Douglas (2.53)
    from Flower of Scotland (BBC CD 820, 1990)
  15. Alex Hodgson: Bannockburn’s Over (3.16)
  16. The Corries: Flower of Scotland (3.01)
    from Flower of Scotland (BBC CD 820, 1990)
  17. Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas: The Referendum (music) (2.50)
    from Abundance (Culburnie CUL114, 2014)
  18. Dick Gaughan: Both Sides the Tweed (Roud 8913) (3.40)
    from Handful of Earth (Topic 12TS419, 1981)

Track 1 Robert Burns arr. Arthur Johnstone;
Tracks 3, 10 words trad., music and arr. Ian McCalman;
Track 4 Jim McLean;
Tracks 5, 12 trad. arr. Sylvia Barnes, Sandy Standage;
Tracks 6, 13 Alastair McDonald;
Tracks 7, 17 Alasdair Fraser;
Track 9 words Allan Cunningham, music and arr. Ian McCalman;
Track 11 Robin Laing;
Track 14 Robin Williamson, George Weir;
Track 15 Ian McCalman;
Track 16 Robin Williamson;
Track 18 trad., Dick Gaughan