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Various Artists: Folk Scene

Folk Scene (FSP 001)

Folk Scene
A Selection of Songs From Britain’s Finest Folk Music Magazine
Various Artists

Folk Scene FSP 001 (LP, UK, 1966)

This is a rare private pressing from the monthly folk music magazine “Folk Scene”, edited by Dave Moran (of The Halliard) and Stuart Wallace.


Side 1

  1. Malcolm Price Trio: Long Black Veil (Roud 18510)
  2. Martin Carthy: The Leaves of Life (Roud 127)
  3. John Pearse: My Dearest Jewel
    with Martin Carthy, second guitar
  4. Shirley Collins: Reynardine (Roud 397; Laws P15; G/D 2:333)
  5. Bill Clifton: Springhill Disaster
  6. Owen Hand: My Donal
  7. Alex Campbell: Chicago Fire Tragedy
    with John Pearse, second guitar

Side 2

  1. John Pearse: Night Visiting Song (Roud 22568; G/D 4:783)
  2. Nigel Denver: Baron o’ Brackley (Roud 4017; Child 203; G/D 2:234)
  3. Pete Stanley, Dave Wiseman and Wizz Jones: Billy Grimes (Roud 468; Laws K22; G/D 2:191)
  4. The Leesiders: The Way of the World
  5. Colin Wilkie: George Barker
  6. John Foreman: The Ratcatcher’s Daughter (Roud 13883)

Martin Carthy’s The Leaves of Life was included in 2001 on his anthology The Carthy Chronicles.