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Folk Philosophy

Folk Philosophy (EMI/Talisman STAL 5019)

Folk Philosophy
Finalists of the Scottish Folk Group Championship
Various Artists

EMI/Talisman STAL 5019 (LP, UK, 1971)

Produced by Bryce Laing;
Recorded by Robert Sibbald and Brian Ferguson;
Mixed by Fred Freeman and Richard Werner;
Recorded at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh;
Front cover: Portrait of Robert Tannahill by Samuel Freeman

Folk Philosophy on Nigel Gatherer’s Traditional Music site


Chòrdah Cleich (Rod Paterson, Norman Chalmers, John Croall, Adam Jack) [1, 6];
The Galloways (w/ George Grant) [2];
Town Choice (lead singer Harry Cullen) [3, 10];
Ailsa Craig (William Devine, Frank McArdle, Frank D’Ambrosio, Arthur Loughran) [4, 7];
Eggplant (lead singer Willy McNally) [5];
The Gowries (Brian Hendry, Dave Fyfe, Ian Lamb, Elaine Nicoll) [8];
Pert & Dobbie [9]


Side 1

  1. Chòrdah Cleich: Until It’s Time for You to Go
  2. The Galloways: Dainty Davy (Roud 2387, V11651)
  3. Town Choice: Kids’ Colour Bar
  4. Ailsa Craig: Peggy Gordon (Roud 2280)
  5. Eggplant: Whiskey on a Sunday

Side 2

  1. Chòrdah Cleich: Three Score and Ten (Roud 16873; TYG 5)
  2. Ailsa Craig: Johnnie Cope (Roud 2315; G/D 1:125)
  3. The Gowries: Call on Me
  4. Pert & Dobbie: Bogie’s Bonnie Belle (Roud 2155; G/D 7:1396)
  5. Town Choice: For Bobbie

Track 1 Buffy St. Marie;
Track 2 Robert Burns;
Track 3 Harvey Andrews;
Tracks 4, 6-7, 9 trad.;
Track 5 Glyn Hughes;
Track 6 William Delf;
Track 8 Ian Rankin;
Track 10 H.J. Deutschendorf Jnr.