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Folk Festival

Folk Festival (Waverley ZLP 2033)

Folk Festival
Various Artists

Waverley Records ZLP 2033 (mono LP, UK, 1964)
World Record Club ST890 (mono LP, UK, 1969)

Recorded at a folk concert at Edinburgh Usher Hall promoted by the Corrie Folk Trio and Paddie Bell.


Side 1

  1. Luke Kelly and entire cast: The Barnyards of Delgaty (Roud 2136; G/D 3:347)
  2. Nadia Cattouse: Spread Your Carpet
  3. The Dubliners: I Am a Rover (Roud 1112)
  4. Nadia Cattouse: The River Ben’ Come Down
  5. Ray and Archie Fisher: Let the Bulgine Run (Roud 810)
  6. The Dubliners: Sweets of May

Side 2

  1. Ronnie Browne and entire cast: Bog Down in the Valley-O (Roud 129; G/D 8:1668)
  2. Ray and Archie Fisher: The Buildings
  3. Barney McKenna: Father Murphy’s Air
  4. Nadia Cattouse: I Wanna Have a Little Bomb Like Yours
  5. Ray and Archie Fisher: A Lum Hat Wantin’ a Croon (Roud S243992)
  6. The Dubliners: Peggy Lettermore
  7. Ray and Archie Fisher and entire cast: Air Falalalo

All tracks trad. except
Tracks 2, 4 E. Dayne;
Track 8 Adam McNaughtan;
Track 10 Sydney Carter;
Track 13 trad. arr. Sir Hugh Roberton