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The Equation: In Session

The Equation: In Session (Crapstone CRMCD 11)

In Session
The Equation

Crapstone Music CRMCD 11 (promo EP, UK, 1995)

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Produced by Equation;
Recorded live at Silkstone Recording Complex, South Yorkshire, on 25 February 1995;
Recorded by Redwood Recordings, Manchester;
Mixed by the Hitsmiths at Redwood Recordings, Manchester;
Photography by Alex Coverley;
Cover design, artwork and photo retouching by Bryan Ledgard


Kate Rusby: vocals, fiddle;
Kathryn Roberts: vocals, piano, keyboards;
Sean Lakeman: guitar;
Sam Lakeman: piano, keyboards;
Seth Lakeman: violin


  1. Seven Wonders (5.20)
  2. Lovely Willie (Roud 1913; Laws M35; Henry H587) (3.30)
  3. Boardy’s Set jigs (2.45)

Track 1 Tim Wood;
Track 2 trad.;
Tracks 3 trad. / Seth Lakeman

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Equation: The Dark Ages

Equation: The Dark Ages (I-Scream EQEP001)

The Dark Ages

I-Scream Music EQEP001 (EP, UK, 2001)

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Produced by Equation


Kathryn Roberts: vocals, piano, clarinet;
Seth Lakeman: violin, backing vocals;
Sean Lakeman: guitar;
James Crocker: guitar;
Sam Lakeman: keyboards;
Darren Edwards: bass;
Ian Goodall: drums, percussion


  1. Sailor Boy (Roud 273; Laws K12; G/D 6:1245) (4.12)
  2. Lord Gregory (Roud 49; Child 76; G/D 6:1226) (3.30)
  3. Cuckoo’s Nest (Roud 1506, 5407) (4.26)
  4. Lovely Nancy (Roud 527; Laws K14; Henry H755) (2.12)
  5. A Drummer Won My Love (6.35)

All tracks trad. arr. Equation except
Track 5 words Ashley Hutchings

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Equation: Return to Me

Equation: Return to Me (Rough Trade RTRADECD083)

Return to Me

Rough Trade Records RTRADECD083 (CD, UK, 2003)

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Produced, recorded and mixed by David Bottrill at Real World Studios, Wiltshire except
Tracks 1, 3 produced ab Geoff Travis and recorded by James Brown;
Track 1 mixed by Julian Mendelsohn and Sean Lakeman;
Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis, London;
Photography by Simon Stock, band photograph by Rankin;
Design by Stylorouge


Cara Dillon: vocals, low whistle;
Kathryn Roberts: vocals;
Sean Lakeman: guitars;
Sam Lakeman: piano, organ, keyboards;
Seth Lakeman: violin, vocals;
Darren Edwards: bass

Darren Altman: drums;
Roy Dodds: drums, percussion;
David Bottrill: percussion


  1. He Loves Me (3.51)
  2. Golden Bird (Roud 179; Child 248) (4.02)
  3. Strange Love (3.35)
  4. Cloths of Heaven (2.51)
  5. Song of the Well (3.45)
  6. Return to Me (4.58)
  7. Cross the River (5.08)
  8. Let Him Cry (3.46)
  9. Sad the Girl (4.34)
  10. Can’t Cry Hard Enough (4.06)
  11. No Goodbyes (4.21)
  12. Wake Up (4,02)

Track 1 Dougie McLean;
Track 2 trad. arr. Equation;
Track 3 Sean Lakeman, Steve Redman;
Track 4 words William Butler Yates, music trad. arr. Equation;
Track 5 Anne Briggs;
Track 6 October Project;
Track 7 Tim Wood;
Track 8 Sean Lakeman, Cara Dillon;
Tracks 9, 11 Sean Lakeman;
Track 10 William Brothers;
Track 12 Sam Lakeman, Cara Dillon

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