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Hold Your Horses

Ella Edmondson: Hold Your Horses (Monsoon MONMUCD001)

Hold Your Horses
Ella Edmondson

Monsoon Music MONMUCD001 (CD, UK, 2008)

Recorded at Wavelength Studios, Doncaster;
Produced and recorded by Andy Seward;
Mixed by Andy Seward and Keith Angel;
Recorded at Wavelength Studios, Doncaster; The Tower@The Chairworks, Castleford; Secret Music, Glasgow, Pure Records and Greystones, Sheffield;
Bass and drums on track 10 recorded at Angel Studios by Simon Brint;
Additional recording by Keith Angel, Max Leonard, Iain Hutchison and Rory Garfoth;
Mastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering, Devon, assisted by Joe Gilder;


Ella Edmondson: vocals, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, backing vocals;
Andy Seward: double bass, 5-string banjo;
Dave Angel: acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin;
Keith Angel: drums, djembe, udo, marimba and other percussion;
John McCusker: fiddle, whistle, cittern, tenor guitar, mandolin;
Andy Cutting: diatonic button accordion, hurdy-gurdy;
Donald Shaw: wurlitzer piano, harmonium;
Ian Carr: acoustic and electric guitar [1, 7, 9];
Jim Adnitt: djembe [5];
Matt Norman: second fiddle [1, 12];
Kate Rusby, Jim Causley, Rory Garforth, Adam Myers: backing vocals;
Brad Lang: double bass [10];
Ralph Simmons: drums [10]


  1. Hold Your Horses (3.25)
  2. Sing for You (3.58)
  3. Open Fire (3.08)
  4. Run and Hide (3.09)
  5. Breathe (5.06)
  6. Fold (3.27)
  7. The Other Side (4.24)
  8. Hunger (3.33)
  9. Moonglow (3.03)
  10. Go Without (3.40)
  11. Capable (2.52)
  12. Hidden Scars (3.28)

All tracks by Ella Edmondson except
Track 12 Ella Edmondson, Ethan Johns

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