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Rough & Tumble

Edgerton Layhe: Rough & Tumble (Fellside FECD96)

Rough & Tumble
Edgerton Layhe

Fellside Recordings FECD96 (CD, UK, 1993)

Produced by Chris Layhe and Paul Adams;
Recorded by Graham Bell and Paul Adams;
Cover design and artwork by Max Mosscrop;
Layout and typesetting by Mary Blood


Peter Edgerton: lead vocals, guitar;
Chris Layhe: vocals, guitar, bass, percussion;
Linda Adams: concertina;
Richard and Paul Adams: percussion;
Tony Gibbons: cittern, backing vocals;
Jez Lowe: harmonica;
Jamie McCarthy: fiddle


  1. The Buffalo Blues (4.11)
  2. Eleanor (3.31)
  3. Why Would She Go? (4.59)
  4. Billy Can (2.47)
  5. Everbody Needs Something Nobody Knows (4.55)
  6. Teardrop Whiskey (3.16)
  7. Dancing Down at the Crossroads (6.18)
  8. All the Tears in Liverpool (4.11)
  9. Lonely as Los Angeles, Restless as New York (4.22)
  10. I’m on Your Side (4.17)
  11. Six Thousand Shoes (3.22)

All tracks written by Peter Edgerton except
Tracks 6, 11 Peter Edgerton, Chris Layhe

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