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Dominie Hooper: Run It Over

Domonie Hooper: Run It Over

Run It Over
Dominie Hooper

(DL EP, UK, 5 December 2012)

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Dominie Hooper: vocals, guitar


  1. Sweet, Adieu (2.24)
  2. ’Til the Stars (3.14)
  3. Run It Over (5.08)
  4. Eggshell (4.27)

Probably all tracks by Dominie Hooper

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Dominie Hooper: Lungfull

Domonie Hooper: Lungfull

Dominie Hooper

(DL EP, UK, 4 November 2015)

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Produced by Biff Roxby with Dominie Hooper;
Recorded And Mixed by Biff Roxby at Iron Mountain, Manchester, with Lungfull recorded on location at Antwerp Mansion;
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering;
Photography by Paul Blakemore;
Design by Jacob Stow


Dominie Hooper: vocals, acoustic guitar;
Ellis Davies: electric, baritone and bass guitars;
Phillip Howley: drums;
Rioghnach Connolly: flute, backing vocals;
Angus Fairbairn: tenor sax


  1. Bones (4.02)
  2. Don’t Do Me Wrong (3.54)
  3. Apple Tree (4.09)
  4. Warms Round the Skin (3.36)
  5. Lungfull (3.31)

All tracks by Dominie Hooper arr. Bill Roxby except
Track 5 Dominie Hooper

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