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Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence: A Cruel Kindness

Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence: A Cruel Kindness (Fellside FECD244)

A Cruel Kindness
Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence

Fellside Recordings FECD244 (CD, UK, 2011)

Produced by Stevie Lawrence and Fiona Cuthill;
Recorded at Act One Studios, Glasgow;
Additional recording at Frielance Music, Glasgow;
Additional production on tracks [4, 10] by Greg Friel;
Production master by Paul Adams;
Cover photograph by Paul Marr;
Design by Mary Blood


Fiona Cuthill, vocals, fiddle;
Stevie Lawrence, vocals, guitar, bouzouki, bass, percussion, hurdy-gurdy

Brendan McCreanor, uilleann pipes, whistles;
Fraser Speirs, harmonica;
Rachel Hair, harp;
Wendy Weatherby, cello;
Celine Donoghue, banjo;
Greg Friel, backing vocals [10]


  1. 61 Stairs: 61 Stairs / The King of Contradictions / Both Ends of the Candle (4.12)
  2. Unfinished Business: Unfinished Business / One for Brendan (4.18)
  3. A Cruel Kindness (4.39)
  4. Locomotive Breath: Locomotive Breath / Freudian Slip (3.35)
  5. Norwegian Set / Gjetost / Le Vent du Nord / Norwegian Tune (4.29)
  6. The Peisey Bubble: Mitchum’s Friend / Where the Sun Don’t Shine / The Peiyes Bubble / Snowgates and Steelworks (3.28)
  7. Sleepless in Sleat (2.48)
  8. The Seven Sisters: The Seven Sisters / Andy D’s Reel / Barry the AA Man (5.00)
  9. Domestic Bliss: The Velcro Shelf / The Carpet Slayer (3.38)
  10. Lang Awa’ Ship (Roud 13090) (3.53)
  11. Fez Set: Holly Wilson’s Arrival / The Evil Twin / The First Time Ever I Saw Your Fez (4.28)
  12. Waiting for Dawn (4.34)
  13. Back on Track: Mrs Nan Stewart / Mr Archibald Stewart of Hillfoot / Glad to Be Back / Back on Track (6.00)

All tracks by Fiona Cuthill except
Track 4a Ian Anderson;
Tracks 5c, 10 trad. arr. Fiona Cuthill, Stevie Lawrence;
Tracks 6ac, 11c Stevie Lawrence

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