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Swift As a Swallow

Crosswind: Swift As a Swallow (Leiselaut LLCD 1-028)

Swift As a Swallow

Leiselaut LLCD-1-028 (CD, Germany, June 2014)

Crosswind: Swift As a Swallow (Leiselaut LLCD 1-028)

Recorded by Wolfgang Brammertz at Fox Music Studio, Telgte, Germany;
Mixed and mastered by Jürgen Treyz at Artes Tonstudio, Esslingen;
Band photos by Christian Daitche, Foto Bonn;
Artwork by Stefan Decker


Béatrice Wissing, fiddle, vocals;
Stefan Decker, flute, tin whistle, low whistle, vocals;
Sebastian Landwehr, guitar, low whistle, concertina, piano, vocals;
Mario Kuzyna, guitar, vocals

Rolf Wagels, bodhrán


  1. Thirteen Years / The Waving Wench tune (3.38)
  2. The Flute Player’s Despair: The Piper’s Despair / The Heathery Cruach / John Lardiner’s Reel (5.08)
  3. Dance Hall Girls / Frank’s Reel tune (5.01)
  4. The Cock Is Dead: The Castle / Seamus Cooley’s Jig / The Bank of Turf (5.07)
  5. Lincoln’s Army (6.01)
  6. The Creggan White Hare (Roud 9633) / Farewell to Bonny Black Vell tune (5.18)
  7. The Apple Tree: The Apple Tree / The Uber Fantastic Drama Group / The Tailor’s Thimble (6.36)
  8. Sea Around Us / Ships in Full Sail tune (5.05)
  9. On a Little Wing to America: Trip to Pakistan / My Love Is in America / The Devil’s Ladder (6.27)
  10. County Down (5.55)
  11. The Corkscrew: Aisling Gheal / The Hare in the Corn / The Corkskrew (6.48)

Track 1a Dermot Hyde;
Tracks 1b, 6b, 7a Stefan Decker;
Tracks 2abc, 4abc, 6a, 7c, 8b, 9b, 11abc trad.;
Track 3a Allan Fraser;
Track 3b John McCusker;
Track 5 Johnny McEvoy;
Track 7 Joseph Carmichael;
Track 8a Domini Behan;
Track 9a Niall Kenny;
Track 9c Niamh Ni Charra;
Track 10 Tommy Sands


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