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Crossharbour: Crossharbour (Higlet HGR142)


Higlet Relordings (CD, UK, 2014)

Produced by Sam Proctor and Philippe Barnes;
Recorded and mixed by Andrew Bourbon, assisted by Daniel Moyler;
Recorded at Livingston 2, London, in April and June 2013;
Mastered by Tom Waterman;
Photography by Maciek Krula;
Logo by Justin Grasty at Made Upstairs;
Design and layout by Mark Baker at Barbel Graphics


Philippe Barnes: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, whistle [3, 7-8], flute [7];
Órlaith McAuliffe: flute, whistle;
Rosie Hodgson: vocals;
Sam Proctor: fiddle;
Tad Sargent: bodhrán, bouzouki-guitar


  1. Wedding Dress (2.24)
  2. Chicago: The Chicago Jig / Nina’s Jig / Palmer’s Gate (5.00)
  3. Trigonometry: Trigonometry / The New Kings Road / Ali’s Reel (5.49)
  4. Need Not Declare (4.06)
  5. Afterhours: The Hob Beneath the Pipe / Deoraíocht (Exile) (4.02)
  6. The Higher Drive: Jackson’s Reel / The Black-Haired Lass / The High Drive (4.32)
  7. Path Into the Woods (3.48)
  8. The Surprise Package: One for Grandad O’Dowd / Knocknarea / Cooper and Keegan’s (7.05)
  9. Turbulence: O’Connell’s Trip to Parliament / Hugh Travers’ Reel / Turbulence (4.44)
  10. Blackwaterside (Roud 312; Laws O1; Henry H811) (4.26)
  11. Voldemort’s: Emma’s Fancy / Voldemort’s Reel / The Red Bee (5.49)

Track 1, 10 trad. arr. Philippe Barnes;
Tracks 2a, 6ab, 9ab trad.;
Track 2b Niall Vallely;
Track 2c, 11c Joe Liddy;
Track 3a Sam Proctor, Philippe Barnes;
Tracks 3bc Philippe Barnes;
Tracks 4, 7 Rosie Hodgson arr. Philippe Barnes;
Track 5a Tim Potts;
Track 5b Michael Rooney;
Track 6c Gordon Duncan;
Tracks 8abc, 9c, 11b Órlaith McAuliffe;
Track 11a Denis Carey

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