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Commoners Choir

Commoners Choir: Commoners Choir (No Masters NMCD49)

Commoners Choir
Commoners Choir

No Masters Co-operative NMCD49 (CD, UK, 1 September 2007)

Recorded in 2017 at Ebor Court, Leeds;
Produced by Boff Whalley and Neil Ferguson;
Mastered by Neil Ferguson;
Choir photograph by Cases Orr;
Sleeve design by Boff Whalley;
Booklet photograph by Phil Moody


Commoners Choir:
Alan Smith, Alex Bohdanowicz, Alison McIntyre, Alison Tomlin, Allan Clifford, Anna Leinster, Bob Longworth, Boff Whalley, Caroline Ibberson, Caroline Vella, Catherine Holden, Catherine Long, Cesca Meynell, Chris Hunt, Dave Worton, David Harvie, David Heppingstall, Dusty Rhodes, Ella Keevash, Ellie Clement, Emma Orr, Fauzia Khan, Frances Taylor, Gill Loomes, Grainne McGregor, Helen Pearson, Helen Sheard, Jane Clifford, Jane Morland, Jane Shaw, Janice Thorpe, Jenny Farley, Josie Crompton, Jon Farley. Josh Sutton, Julie Sharples, Kim Evans, Kirsty McArthur, Lesley Collett, Lesley Edwards, Linda Mitchell, Lisa Taylor, Louisa Parker, Lucy Porter, Maggie Donovan, Mark Whyatt, Mary Chilokoa, Mike Feist, Nicola Ward, Pete O'Brien, Phil Moody, Rachel Dean, Sally Harrop, Sara Allkins, Sophis Godfrey, Steve Allen, Tony Sutcliffe, Vanessa Bridge


  1. Commoners Go Trespassing (0.53)
  2. Angry Song (3.42)
  3. The Jeremy Hunt Rhyming Song (2.00)
  4. Citizen Shanty (3.25)
  5. Song for Woody (0.51)
  6. Robin Hood in Reverse (2.18)
  7. Hope (2.33)
  8. Omnia Sunt Communia (2.06)
  9. Three Boats (3.45)
  10. Mechanical Movable Type (3.06)
  11. The People’s Armada (4.23)
  12. Song Made from Placard Slogans (1.35)
  13. Shelter Song (3.25)
  14. Great Big Hole (3.22)
  15. When They Go Low, We Go High (1.53)
  16. Bread or Blood (Ely & Littleport Riots) (3.46)
  17. The Have-Nots & The Haves (3.21)
  18. Boris Johnson (1.18)
  19. From Below (2.51)
  20. Bread & Beer (Castleford Riot) (2.15)
  21. Get Off Your Arse! (1.39)

All songs written and arranged by Boff Whalley, except a short section of The People's Armada written by The Carter Family / Woodie Guthie